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Covenant Health GSS: Contract Negotiations Steadily Advance

Local 40, Chapters: 01, 04-010

May 18, 2022

Discussions continue and language for articles is progressing

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Last week your Covenant Health GSS negotiating team met with the Employer and made headway on several items. The Employer continues to be cordial and respectful, allowing us to advance with discussions.  

Your negotiation team and the Employer discussed outstanding language for Discipline and Dismissal, where the committee is seeking to have the employer disclose information when members are being called in for investigations. Classification language is also planned to be restructured in your contract.  

We asked the Employer if they have decided to follow AHS’ lead in recognizing and compensating members for Truth and Reconciliation Day, which they said they will discuss and get back to us. We have a few non-monetary issues left to discuss and will be moving on to monetary items in our next set of dates. Your negotiating team will be in contact with you when those dates are set in stone.  

We are making progress with this contract, and that is entirely because Covenant Health workers are standing together and supporting your negotiating team. Please make sure your personal information is up to date with the union so we can continue to update you on the progression of these contract negotiations.  

Remember that your collective agreement remains in effect. If you feel that management is not adhering to the terms, speak to a Union Steward or contact the Members Resource Centre at 1-800-232-7284 and they will put you in touch with your Membership Services Officer.   

If you have questions or comments, please contact a negotiating team member: 

AUPE Negotiating Team - Covenant Health GSS 
Lorie Christenson
Corey Kucher -   
Christee Langkamp - 

AUPE Resource Staff 
Chris Dickson, Negotiator -   
Kate Robinson, Negotiator -   
Scott Drake, Organizing -   
Mimi Williams, Communications - 

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