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Civida Bargaining Update: Vote on your new tentative agreement

Update for Local 118 Chapter 011, Civida

Feb 02, 2023

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Your negotiating team has reached a new tentative agreement with your employer. Your team put a lot of hard work into achieving this new agreement throughout a productive, short round of bargaining.

Click here to download the full tentative agreement and see all the proposed changes to your agreement.

This three-year deal would expire Dec. 31, 2024, and includes the following wage increases:

  • 2022: 1.5 per cent wage increase
  • 2023: 1.5 per cent wage increase
  • 2024: 1.5 per cent wage increase

Members will soon vote on whether to accept or reject this tentative agreement.

You will vote on this agreement electronically. Your negotiating team will send an email to everyone’s work email addresses with information on how to vote. You may only vote once, and your vote will be secure and anonymous.

Please check your work email regularly. The voting email is coming soon.

Don’t miss any union news or bargaining updates! Make sure AUPE has your up-to-date contact information by visiting

Please contact your negotiating team if you have any questions.


Lori Brown 

Sandra Hill

Tamara Shupenia


Chris Dickson, Negotiator

Alexander Delorme, Communications

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