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Bargaining Update: Carewest Nursing Care

Wage arbitration hearings have concluded for Carewest Nursing Care AUPE members in Local 048 Chapters 007, 009, 016, 035, 37, 038, 039, 040, and 041

Oct 22, 2020

Carewest Nursing Care wage re-opener wraps up

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The wage re-opener arbitration hearings for Carewest Nursing Care have now wrapped up and we await a decision from the arbitrator.  
We will now wait for the Arbitrator’s decision, expected in the new year (2021).
The wage re-opener hearings took place on September 9-10, 2020, with final arguments presented by both sides on October 20.

A wage re-opener arbitration was negotiated in the last round of bargaining to determine salary increases for the 3rd year of the contract. We accepted a 0% increase for the last two years (2017-2019) and an arbitrated wage re-opener for the last year (2019-2020).

We are now awaiting a decision from the Arbitrator, with no firm date on when a decision will be made. We’ve made our argument and are confident we deserve a wage increase.

You are health care heroes. Even before the pandemic, you were the safety net that saved lives and tackled problems: the difference between life and death for many Albertans. Your work is even more vital and important now. And highly valued and appreciated by all Albertans.

Prepare to Fight Back

But our fight isn’t over when arbitration ends. The Alberta Health Services (AHS) review instigated by Jason Kenney’s UCP government and developed by Ernst and Young has recommended selling Carewest (along with Capital Care) to a private provider.

Sign our Open Letter to stop the privatization of Carewest.

We know Albertans receive the best care when in the public system, so we must prepare to fight for our jobs and the people we care for.

Please share this information with your co-workers. If you have questions about the Wage Reopening Arbitration Hearings or how to fight back against Jason Kenney’s privatization plans, please contact a member of your negotiating team or AUPE resource staff.


Carewest ANC Negotiating Team

Local 048, Chapter 007
Kathleen Schwengler -
Christina Sefton (A) -
Heidi Spicher (A) -

Local 048, Chapter 007
Tracy Emovon -  
Taryn Nino (A) -
Adeline Dangalan (A) -

Local 048, Chapter 009
Patricia DeFreitas -
Gbemisola David (A)  -
Sarita D'Souza (A)  -

Local 048, Chapter 016
June St. Lewis -
Christine Noel (A)  -

Local 048, Chapter 035
Leighann Bernard -
Raychelle Mariano (A)  -

Local 048, Chapter 037
Healther Chidziva -
Bryan McKelvie (A)  -

Local 048, Chapter 038
Gillmise Joseph -
Melissa Ash (A)  -

Local 048, Chapter 039
Colleen Huckson -
Marilyn Van Sertima (A)  -

Local 048, Chapter 040
Glenda Nakaska-Smith -
Olaronke Tayese (A)  -

Local 048, Chapter 041
Dilys Adu-Darko -
Henry Oviahon (A) -
Maria Eleanor Estrada (A)  -

AUPE Resource Staff for Carewest ANC

Chris Dickson, Negotiator —
Kate Jacobson, Organizer —
Terry Inigo-Jones, Communications —

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