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Bargaining Update: Arbitrator rules on Carewest wage reopener

Nursing care gets zero, GSS awarded 1%

Dec 11, 2020

Nursing care gets zero, GSS awarded 1%

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An independent arbitrator has ruled that Carewest ANC nursing staff will not get a raise for 2019-2020, but that General Support Staff will receive an increase of 1%.

The decisions follow the pattern set by other wage-reopener arbitrators at bigger employers, including Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Your negotiating teams fought hard to get more because you deserve more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you have proved beyond any doubt that the work you do on the front lines of health care is important, that you make the difference between life and death.

You have performed heroically and put the needs of residents above your own health. We know that Albertans value what you do and that your pay should reflect this.

We said that your work during the pandemic – and the fact the private-sector workers were given a $2 per hour raise denied to Carewest workers – should be a factor, but this was ruled out by the arbitrator.

A wage re-opener arbitration was negotiated in the last round of bargaining to determine salary increases for the third year of the contract. We accepted a 0% increase for the last two years (2017-2019) and an arbitrated wage re-opener for the last year (2019-2020).

The 1% raise for General Support Services (GSS) members is retroactive to July 1, 2019. We are waiting to hear from the employer when that money will be paid.

Our fight isn’t over

The UCP government is still pushing for Carewest (and CapitalCare) to be sold to private operators. This will likely lead to:

  • Lower levels of care for the patients and residents we love;
  • The loss of our jobs;
  • Having to reapply for our jobs at lower wages and benefits; and
  • No longer being a member of a secure defined-benefit pension plan that gives us retirement security.

AHS is also looking at privatizing or outsourcing the work of internal Carewest departments including food services, transportation and pharmacy.

We know Albertans receive the best care when in the public system, so we must prepare to fight for our jobs and for better care for the residents we love.

If you haven’t already, please sign the Stop the Sell Off! letter here.

Carewest ANC Negotiating Team

Local 048, Chapter 007
Kathleen Schwengler:

Local 048, Chapter 007
Tracy Emovon:  
Taryn Nino (A):
Adeline Dangalan (A):

Local 048, Chapter 009
Patricia DeFreitas:
Gbemisola David (A):
Sarita D'Souza (A):

Local 048, Chapter 016
June St. Lewis:
Christine Noel (A):

Local 048, Chapter 035
Leighann Bernard:
Raychelle Mariano (A):

Local 048, Chapter 037
Healther Chidziva:
Bryan McKelvie (A):

Local 048, Chapter 038
Gillmise Joseph:
Melissa Ash (A):

Local 048, Chapter 039
Colleen Huckson:
Marilyn Van Sertima (A):

Local 048, Chapter 040
Glenda Nakaska-Smith:
Olaronke Tayese (A):

Local 048, Chapter 041
Dilys Adu-Darko:
Henry Oviahon (A):
Maria Eleanor Estrada (A):

AUPE Resource Staff for Carewest ANC
Chris Dickson, Negotiator:
Kate Jacobson, Organizer:
Terry Inigo-Jones, Communications:

Carewest GSS Negotiating Team
Local 048, Chapter 008
Lorena Cavero:
Jane Swaren (A):

Local 048, Chapter 009
Rene Gripping:

Local 048, Chapter 010
Tim Sherba:
Kris Kovatch (A):

Local 048, Chapter 035
Denise Kuzyk:
Maria Sobrino (A):

AUPE Resource Staff for Carewest GSS
Chris Dickson, Negotiator:
Kate Jacobson, Organizer:
Terry Inigo-Jones, Communications:



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