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Bargaining Update: 047/054 All Staff Feb. 11, 2020

This is an important update for AUPE Local 047/054 Chartwell-Griesbach, Heritage Valley, and Wild Rose staff.

Feb 11, 2020

Agreement to Proceed to Mediation

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Your bargaining team has good news: On January 30, Chartwell agreed to proceed with mediation and, if necessary, enhanced mediation, where the company will address our concerns about staff not receiving the wages they are owed.

In September 2019, it came to light the employer was not paying all of you at the correct rate, according to their own information. Many of you accrued hours of service that should have earned you a wage increase you never received.

Chartwell confirmed they would make the necessary adjustments, but then backed out of this promise. As a result, we filed an unfair labour practice complaint against them with the Alberta Labour Relations Board.

We have now retracted that complaint, so we can address this issue in bargaining with the assistance of an independent mediator. Mediation will be faster than the complaint process, and it will bring us one step closer to achieving our collective agreement as a whole.

We will start with voluntary mediation no later than March 31. If we can’t resolve our outstanding issues this way, we’ll proceed to enhanced mediation, where the mediator will provide us with recommendations for the agreement that we’ll vote on if we can’t come to a settlement.

The employer has also dropped their ban on our Membership Services Officer (MSO) from attending joint OHS committee meetings. This means he will now be able to attend and support us with his expertise.

If you have any questions between now and mediation, please reach out – we’re here to represent you at the table and keep you informed.


Benjamin Kiwang or 780-885-3210
Stella Diaz or 780-721-6496
Bernie Kelly or 780-717-9130

Merryn Edwards Negotiator,
Farris Sobhani Organizer, or 780-271-0728
Celia Shea Communications, or 780-720-8122

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