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Time for Action June Town Halls - All details

Bargaining continues with Southland Meadows

Update for Local 048 Chapter 050, Masterpiece Southland Meadows

May 27, 2024

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On May 8, your negotiating team held a productive session with the employer, focusing on non-monetary proposals. During the session, the team successfully reviewed and signed off on several articles and letters of understanding, incorporating necessary housekeeping changes while keeping other articles unchanged.

Articles remaining unchanged, or signed off as status quo, include:

  • Preamble
  • Article 4: Union Membership and Dues Deduction
  • Article 5: Management Rights
  • Article 7: Respectful Workplace
  • Article 21: Bereavement Leave and Special Leave
  • Article 26: Layoff and Recall
  • Article 28: Grievance Procedure
  • Article 29: Occupational Health and Safety
  • Article 30: Copies of the Collective Agreement
  • Article 31: Jury Duty Leave
  • Article 32: Employee-management Advisory Committee
  • Article 33: Contracting Out
  • Article 34: Anti-nepotism/Cronyism
  • LOU 1: Severance
  • LOU 2: Protection of Privacy and Access to Personal Information
  • LOU 4: Workload Appeal Process

Amendments were made to the following articles, enhancing clarity and effectiveness:

  • Article 6: Time Off for Union Business
  • Article 9: Probationary Period & Orientation
  • Article 27: Discipline and Dismissal

We also discussed Article 11, Appointments and Transfers, as well as Article 12, Hours of Work. Our focus is on how additional shifts are being offered and will present proposals for clarity and respecting seniority at our next meeting. 

Wear red on July 17 and 18

Our next bargaining meetings are July 17 and 18. Wear red on these days to show your support! We appreciate your solidarity and the strong message it sends the employer. 
Take wear-red selfies with your coworkers and send them to to be shared on AUPE’s social media.

Urgent Bargaining Town Halls

AUPE’s Time for Action bargaining town halls are happening throughout June and all members are invited. Please visit the town hall website for details on the town hall nearest you. 

You will also receive email invitations, shareable posters, and timely reminders to ensure everyone has the chance to attend. All AUPE members are encouraged to join these urgent town halls. 

Please contact a member of your negotiating team if you have any questions. 


Tanya Gold

Kelsy Wigemyr

Abbie Van Vliet

Kelcee Kleiner


Christian Tetreault, Negotiator

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