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AUPE members in Sundre and Olds are stronger together

Member update for AUPE Local 048/Chapter 042

Aug 04, 2022

Local 048/Chapter 042: Please attend important chapter meetings

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AUPE members at two separate facilities now belong to the same Local and Chapter, a move that will bring strength in numbers and solidarity.
The following groups of members all now belong to Local 048/Chapter 042:

  • Nursing-care workers at the Sundre Seniors’ Supportive Living facility;  
  • Support workers at the Sundre Seniors’ Supportive Living facility; and
  • Support workers at Mount View Lodge in Olds.

In Sundre, the nursing-care members are employed by Bethany Care Society, while the support workers are employed by Mountain View Seniors’ Housing (MVSH). The facility is operated by MVSH, but it recently contracted Bethany to handle nursing care.
Mount View Lodge in Olds is also operated by MVSH and it is the employer of support workers there.
This strength and solidarity is particularly important as we head into bargaining collective agreements for each of the three bargaining units in Chapter 42.
All of you are encouraged to attend an important chapter meeting on August 30 in Sundre. It is at this meeting that you will choose fellow members to represent you in bargaining.
Members at Mount View Lodge in Olds are also invited to a meet-n-greet on August 24.

Mount View Lodge, Olds, meet-n-greet

  • August 24
  • Time: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
  • Location: Outside the main doors
  • Reason:
    • Meet your Membership Services Officer (MSO) Shelley Makowski (1-800-232-7284); and
    • Meet your Organizer Michelle Szalynski (403-634-8262)

Chapter 042 meeting (for all Sundre and Olds members)

  • August 30
  • Time: 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Location: Totem Room, Mountain View Inn and Suites, 706 Main Avenue E, Sundre. 
  • Reason:
    • Elect members to serve on your negotiating committee;
    • Plan for your Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January; and
    • Plan mobilizing events for your chapter.
  • Contacts: Michelle Szalynski, Organizer (403-634-8262) Shelley Makowski, MSO (1-800-232-7284)  Sarah Atkinson, AUPE MSO (403-918-5227)

See the links below to download a printable version of this member update and for posters giving details of the meetings. They’re great for posting on worksite bulletin boards!


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