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Alberta Pensions Services: Bargaining begins

Update for Local 118 Chapter 013, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation

Apr 22, 2024

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Your negotiating team met the employer on April 10 and 11 to begin bargaining for your new collective agreement.

Your negotiating team gave the employer a comprehensive compensation proposal, but we have not included any wage proposals yet. The employer will not provide their own monetary proposals until we have finished with the non-monetary items. We did, however, have productive meetings and signed off on several non-monetary Articles and Letters of Understanding (LOUs).

These Articles and LOUs will carry over to the new collective agreement with no changes:

  • Article 2 - Management Recognition
  • Article 4 - Application of the Agreement
  • Article 5 - Union Membership & Dues Check-Off
  • Article 6 - Employer-Union Relations
  • Article 7 - Employer-Employee Relations
  • Article 8 - Time Off for Union Business
  • Article 20 - Employment Insurance Premium Reductions
  • Article 21 - Maternity/Adoption/Parental Leave
  • Article 22 - Court Leave
  • Article 23 - Reservist Leave
  • Article 24 - Compassionate Care Leave
  • Article 25 - Leaves of Absence
  • Article 26 - Workers’ Compensation
  • Article 27 - Health & Safety
  • Article 31 - Grievance Procedure
  • Article 34 - Employee Management Advisory Committee
  • Article 36 - Contracting Out
  • Article 38 - Parking
  • Letter of Understanding #2 - APS Employee Referral Ambassador Program
  • Letter of Understanding #9 - Voluntary Severance

Some minor updates were made to three articles:

  • Article 10 - Probationary Period: Amended to allow the employer to extend the probationary period if an employee is absent for more than 20 workdays.
  • Article 13 - Overtime: Corrected the reference number.
  • Article 14A - Christmas Closure: Renamed as the December Closure.

The employer wanted to make significant changes to General Illness coverage, which would mean a loss of income for members who have worked for fewer than five years. They also wanted to delete the LOU for Vehicle Allowance. Your negotiating team made it clear we are not interested in rollbacks.

We also discussed term positions, the use of the vacation planner, and the idea of creating a digital space where we can share union information easily. Your negotiating team is brainstorming solutions and will bring those ideas to the next meeting.

Our next meetings are scheduled for July 30 and 31. Wear red on these days to show your support for your team and coworkers!

If you have any questions, please contact a member of your negotiating team.


Gayle Burkhholder

Kostas Yiannakos

Raj Boora


Prisca Ryan, Negotiations

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