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Alberta Finance Minister makes inappropriate comments on bargaining

President Guy Smith's response to Minister Horner's comments to the press about collective bargaining with Government of Alberta workers.

Apr 15, 2024

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Today, Alberta's Finance Minister issued inappropriate comments about collective bargaining to the media. Below is AUPE President Guy Smith's response:

"We are disappointed to see the government make unwarranted and unhelpful statements. Negotiations should take place in good faith and at the bargaining table, not in the press. That is where we are meant to reach a fair deal for AUPE members and the Albertans who rely on the services they provide.

"The government has been aware of the union’s monetary proposals since we made them on March 6. We will hold to our demands as they are fair and reasonable. The cost of living has increased for everyone, and every worker has the right to fair, livable compensation from their employers.

"AUPE will continue negotiating in good faith in spite of the government’s decision today." — Guy Smith

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