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AHS ends contract with Millrise Senior’s Village—What you need to know

Bargaining Update: Millrise Senior’s Village—Local 48, Chapter 34

Feb 10, 2021

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You probably got the memo already, and you’re wondering what it means for you. Alberta Health Services has announced that, in six months, they will be terminating their contract with the service provider, Retirement Concepts, at Millrise Senior’s Village.

After a severe outbreak of COVID-19 last spring, AHS assumed control of operations from Retirement Concepts, the owner of the facility—a for-profit continuing care provider owned by British Colombia-based company West Coast Seniors Housing Management. At the time, AHS transferred administration and operations to AgeCare, another for-profit provider. Retirement Concepts retained ownership of the worksite, but AgeCare managed it, and continues to do so today.

In a January 25 memo to staff, AHS announced that it would be terminating its contract with the service provider at Millrise in six months. 

The lack of funding from AHS may lead to financial problems for Millrise Senior’s Village once AHS ends its contract in June. For now, Retirement Concepts remains the owner of Millrise Senior’s Village. We are monitoring the situation closely.

Regardless of what happens next, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. The law protects your job, your seniority, your wages and benefits, and everything outlined in your current collective agreement. If Millrise Senior’s Village were to change in ownership or service provider, you retain the same rights, wages, and benefits you had before.  
  2. Your bargaining committee is continuing to meet with Retirement Concepts, because Retirement Concepts is still the owner of Millrise Senior’s Village. AgeCare is just the manager. Your bargaining committee will continue keeping you informed about those conversations. Our next meetings, scheduled for February 23 and 24, are currently on hold.  
  3. Your bargaining committee is making it very clear to the employer that we will be ensuring they fulfill all their obligations under the Alberta Labour Relations Code and your collective agreement. 
  4. You can always call the Member Resource Centre and speak to your Membership Services Officer, Amy Vansickle, at 1 800 232 7284 if you have questions or concerns, or would like to report a piece of new information. 

We know that these past months have been a whirlwind of stress and trauma, and we will continue standing together no matter what comes next. We will defend one another from any attacks. Reach out to your bargaining committee, whose contact information is below, to get involved. 
Bargaining Committee

Funso Obatusin, Chapter Chair: 587-893-0647
Mileth Gloriani: 403-617-2938 
Mildred Asuncion: 403-870-5403: 
AUPE Staff Resources
John Wevers, AUPE Negotiator: 780-238-4767 or  
Amy Vansickle, AUPE Membership Services Officer: 1 800 232 7284
Michelle Szalynski, AUPE Organizer: 403-634-8262


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