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AgeCare Valleyview: Informal mediation yields no progress

Update for Local 084 Chapter 002, AgeCare Valleyview

Aug 11, 2023

Parties are considering moving directly to arbitration

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Your negotiating team commenced informal mediation with the employer and mediator, Rick Wilson, on August 9. Before noon, any optimism we had entered with was quickly exhausted as it became evident that the employer had no interest in seeking settlement. This was made clear when the employer’s spokesperson, Elaine MacDonald, stated that the employer had no room to improve their offer. Her position was that she had already provided the employer’s full mandate when we last met, which included ingoing proposals on salaries and current on other monetary items.

Your negotiating team is baffled as to why the employer agreed to informal mediation at all, if they came into it knowing that they had no ability to move toward a settlement. The mediator appeared equally discouraged, and inquired if the parties were interested in bypassing the Essential Services Agreement and formal mediation process. He asked if we would instead agree to go directly to arbitration.

As we prioritize avoiding further delays to the bargaining process, your negotiating team expressed interest in this proposition. Given that the vast majority of members will likely be considered essential, we expect that we will end up in arbitration eventually anyway.

Your negotiating team did not provide revised positions on outstanding items but would be prepared to look at proposals similar to those tabled at AgeCare Columbia earlier this month. Following further discussion with the mediator, we indicated that we would not bargain with ourselves, as the employer has expressed no ability to move on the primary issues, including health benefits, RRSP, vacation and salaries.

The mediator has asked the parties to respond to his summary and let him know if arbitration is a way forward.

Your negotiating team is currently evaluating all reasonable options, favouring those which reduce the employer’s ability to continue stalling and wasting members’ time.


Ruth McDonald

Dee anna Wright

Kandis Eirich


Dale Perry, Negotiations

Prisca Ryan, Negotiations

Christine Yargeau-Becker, Organizing


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