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Working short

AUPE members have been reporting an increasing number of issues with working short and unmanageable workloads across all sectors. Your voice has been heard, and our Provincial Executive has established a Working Short/Workload Campaign (WSWC) Sub-Committee to give you more avenues for sharing your experiences and tackling these concerns.

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Take AUPE's Working Short Survey

AUPE members are working short. Here's a way to share what you're experiencing at your worksite.

Working Short/Workload Campaign (WSWC) Sub-Committee

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About the WSWC Committee

The WSWC Committee comprises two members from each AUPE sector. Workload and working short issues affect staff in all industries. Our committee’s goals are to find out how they affect our members and other Albertans, and to develop a strategy for raising awareness about working short/workload issues in each sector, so we can tackle them together.

The responsibilities of the Committee will include:

  • Reviewing historical data to determine the impacts of working short/workload issues on AUPE members in each sector over time.
  • Talking to members and finding out how working short/unmanageable workloads impact them.
  • Gathering feedback from Local/Chapter components regarding the working short reporting form and figuring out what each sector needs accordingly.
  • Developing a public awareness campaign that showcases the impact these two issues have on Albertans.
  • Developing a strategy to lobby the Government of Alberta to make changes to the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Code (ARC) enforcing the employer’s responsibility to adequately staff worksites.
  • Updating the Provincial Executive on an ongoing basis.

The committee has been tasked with developing a strategy/campaign to bring awareness to working short/workload issues, which affect workers like you daily, both physically and psychologically, and indirectly pose serious Occupation Health & Safety concerns. The WSWC committee will help our union respond to these problems at your jobs and hopefully affect change on other worksites across Alberta.

How you can help:

Encourage members to continue filling out working short reporting forms when issues arise.

We will be updating these forms to tailor them to each sector as workload and working short issues vary from occupation to occupation.

Take AUPE's Working Short Survey.

What are the next steps?

Awareness Campaign
Using the data from both the new survey and the existing form, our WSWCC will be able to develop an awareness campaign.

Developing the Larger Research Study
The WSWCC will work with AUPE’s research staff to compile information the committee gathers from members on the frontlines over time to create multiple advocacy materials for members, the public, politicians and policy makers. These materials will include quantitative statistical data and members’ stories. This study is still in the early stages of its development.

Committee members:

Judy Prokopchuk– Chair – Local 040 – Health Care - Edmonton
Mike Dempsey – Local 012 – AUPE VP, COPA Committee Chair
James Hart - Local 002 - AUPE VP, OH&S Committee Chair
Emille Currie – Local 006 – Government Services - Edmonton
Jason Ezard – Local 003 – Government Services - Calgary
Catherine Sivasankar – Local 041 – Health Care - Medicine Hat
Lionel Pereira – Local 038 – Education - Edmonton
Peter Steward – Local 071 – Education - Calgary
Jim Wilson - Local 060 - Edmonton

Document instances of working short

Report individual incidents using the working short reporting form


Download the WSWC poster

Perfect for your union bulletin board, with all of the information you and your coworkers need to help define working short.