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Wage Arbitration Update for AUPE Members

Wage adjustments for 65,000 AUPE members could come as early as February 2020.

Three Things You Need to Know About Wage Arbitration

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The UCP government broke our contracts. With Bill 9, the government delayed wage arbitration for thousands of public sector workers, including 65,000 AUPE members.

There have been more attacks since then: the Blue Ribbon Report, the slash and burn Budget, Bill 21 and Bill 22… so many that it’s hard to keep up.

But as AUPE members prepare for the next round of bargaining in 2020, we can’t forget the wage re-openers Bill 9 delayed aren’t even settled yet. Here’s what’s happening with wage arbitration.

1. The Waiting Game

Wage arbitration for the Government of Alberta Master Collective Agreement and Alberta Health Services Collective Agreements is underway and members should see a decision from the arbitrator early 2020.

Written submissions to the arbitrator are due by December 6 and meeting dates have been set aside in December if necessary. We expect the Arbitration Panel to provide a ruling by mid-February.

2. Government Pushes for Rollbacks

The UCP government has changed their position: instead of zeroes, they’re asking the arbitrators for 2% wage rollbacks for AUPE members.

The Blue Ribbon Report also hinted the Government might legislate wage rollbacks if the arbitrators make a decision the UCP doesn’t like. This is irresponsible, and the government shouldn’t be playing political games with working Albertans’ paycheques.

3. AUPE Members Fight Back

Get involved with the fight against the government’s attacks on our wages. Visit to learn more and to start organizing an info-picket protest at your worksite. The government is going to hear the loud, proud, united voice of working Albertans!

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