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Whitehorn Village: Draft agreement achieves increases for members

Update for Whitehorn Village Local 048 Chapter 051

Aug 16, 2023

Q & A and ratification vote to be held August 23

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After receiving the “draft” recommendations from the mediator, your negotiating team was dissatisfied. Our response to the mediator indicated this, and it prompted significant movement on three key monetary items. The mediator has now provided the parties with the final recommendations to settle this long outstanding matter.  

The three-year agreement will end in April 2024. Although we did not achieve everything we set out to in this first agreement, members will benefit from substantial increases. Below are some highlights from the draft agreement. 

  • Date of Ratification (DOR)- Evening shift premium increases to $2.25 from $0.75. 

  • DOR - Night shift premium increases to $3.50 from $1.25. 

  • DOR - Weekend premium increases to $3.00 from $1.50. 

  • Sick time increases from 5 days yearly to 12 days yearly. Also, previously there was no opportunity to carry over days, and now up to 36 days can carry over.  

  • New grid for HCA salaries has a starting wage of $20.25 and top rate of $24.87. This is a significant increase from the existing $18.50 starting wage and $22.30 top rate. 

  • New grid for LPN salaries has a starting wage of $28.45 and top rate of $35.00. This is a significant increase from the existing $26.25 starting wage and $32.55 top rate. 

  • RRSP contribution increases from 1% to 2%. 

  • LPNs receive $200 annually for licensing fees. 

  • Both LPNs and HCAs will receive two professional development days. 

  • Incremental increase in vacation leave earnings. 

  • Two additional bereavement days for travel over 350 km. 

  • 0.50 FTE workers eligible for 100% employer-paid benefits. 

Unfortunately, the draft agreement does not include full retroactivity, despite the significant value we placed on it. However, members are due to receive a 2.5% lump sum for all hours worked since certification.  

Your negotiating team acknowledges that there is room for further monetary gains. We are, however, pleased that the agreement’s improvements will have a significant, positive impact on members, many of whom are at the lower end of the grids and have not had wage increases in years.  

Additional improvements were made to non-monetary items, such as discipline timelines, alleged infraction disclosure and the creation of an Employee Management Committee.  

The draft agreement is attached to this update; however, as it is a draft agreement, the employer has not reviewed it and it is subject to minor changes. Also attached are the mediator’s recommendations, all of which have been updated in the draft agreement. 

The outcomes of this agreement stand to affect our brothers and sisters at Swan Evergreen as we are in mediation there as well. 

Though challenging, your patience and support led to these achievements. Your negotiating team will be holding a Q & A and ratification vote on August 23, 2023. We will be available to answer any questions from 6:30AM to 4:30PM in the theatre room. Voting on the recommendations will follow the Q & A. 


Stacey Ryan-Chipman or 403-589-6688  

Azebe Mamo or 403-797-1621  

Susan Kuriakose or 587-707-7859  


Christian Tetreault, Negotiations  

Jennifer Garrison, Membership Services  

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing  


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