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Voting underway for new Emcon tentative agreement

AUPE members working for Emcon go above and beyond for contract ratification vote

Jul 08, 2022

Bargaining update for Emcon members, AUPE Local 118/24, 25, 26, 27 

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Contract voting has begun for AUPE members working for Emcon. Members will decide whether to accept or reject the tentative agreement reached between their negotiating team and employer on June 15.

The negotiating team is already driving across the province so members can vote right on the worksite instead of holding our votes online or by mail-in ballot. The team decided early, based on member feedback, that this was the best way to conduct the vote based on your unique working conditions. The team expects voting to finish soon, and hopes to begin counting ballots on Friday, July 15.

Meeting members on the worksite for the votes has led to a lot of excellent conversations. We have answered many of your most frequently asked questions, such as: wage increases, including that former bargaining unit members will receive retro-pay; getting paid for weekend standby even if you aren’t called in to work; and improvements to what Frank will pay for including work boots, winter gloves, insulated coveralls, and more.

After a long and difficult bargaining process, we are encouraged by the support you have all shown for the negotiating team, our work, and the voting process. We are even hearing from members who are enthusiastic about making even more improvements to the collective agreement in the future rounds of bargaining.

Your negotiating team wants to thank all members for your patience. Don’t worry if we have not made it to your shop yet, we will be there soon and will give you notice for when we plan to arrive. We don’t want to rush things, and are taking our time at each worksite to make sure members are informed on the agreement before voting.

Please contact a member of your negotiating team or AUPE resource staff if you have any questions.


Mike Brouwer

Jason Fandrich or 403-857-9303

Jason MacLeod or 587-201-5094

Bernard Quinn

Dallas Shier


Jason Rattray, Negotiations

Dave Malka, Organizing

Jerry Woods, Membership Services Officer

Alexander Delorme, Communications

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