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Time for Action Rallies - All details

University of Calgary Bargaining Preparation is Well Underway

Update for Local 052, University of Calgary

Jan 31, 2024

Get involved and support your bargaining team, today!

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Your University of Calgary negotiating team is getting ready for the largest round of bargaining the province has ever seen. The gains we make at the bargaining table will affect all post-secondary institutions in Alberta. 

Fall 2023 Recap 

The post-secondary bargaining conference kicked off on November 7th in Calgary. Your University of Calgary negotiations team met over several days to re-familiarize with the bargaining process and review the facts about Essential Service Agreements in these “post-pandemic” times. During these meetings, your representatives also created a member survey which will be delivered via email in the days to come.  

On December 20, the University of Calgary negotiations team met with AUPE Negotiator, James Mitchell to review timelines and engage in a general discussion about what to expect in the upcoming year. The bargaining survey was referred to AUPE for review and distribution. Watch your inbox for this important survey! 

What to Expect in 2024 

We know that Albertans have been under extreme financial pressures due to skyrocketing inflation and heavy workloads. Your commitment to this process, and to each other, will help us to make the gains we deserve this year. 

As you know, your current collective agreement is set to expire on March 31, 2024. AUPE submitted our written Notice to Bargain to the Employer on January 2, 2024.  

Important Meetings and Dates: 

  • February 20-22 – Your bargaining team will meet at the University of Calgary. 

  • March 27-28 – Negotiations open between AUPE and the Employer. 

Remember to Update Your Personal Info with AUPE 

During the negotiations process, we will be sending regular bargaining updates to your email address on file. Please encourage your colleagues to review and update their personal information at  

If you update your email address after the survey has been sent, please contact a member of the Bargaining Committee (below) for a hard copy. Your input is critical to this very important round of negotiations. 

Your negotiating team will be the most successful with every member’s full and active participation during this crucial time. Please join us and support each other as we fight for what we deserve! 


Barbara McCutcheon   

Melanie Zimmer 

Dave Latos   

Paulette Harrison   

Peter Gimby   

Crystal Hickey (ALT)  

Frank Snow (ALT)  

Stephanie Hawes (ALT)   


James Mitchell, Negotiator 

Blaine VanDekerkhove, Membership Services Officer  – Chapters 001 & 004 

Walter Porochnuk, Membership Services Officer  – Chapter 002 & 003 

Scott Drake, Organizer 

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