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Swan Evergreen: Developments from our brothers & sisters at Whitehorn

Update for Local 048 Chapter 053, Swan Evergreen

Aug 18, 2023

Discuss ongoing negotiations with your negotiator and MSO on August 28

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Your negotiating team wants to inform you about the latest developments in our ongoing negotiations and the steps we are taking to ensure fair compensation and wage parity for all members.

We are actively pursuing further mediation sessions to move our discussions forward and bring a resolution to our prolonged negotiation process. Our commitment remains steadfast in advocating for members' rights and achieving equitable compensation for their dedication and hard work.

After numerous meetings and delays, we are pleased to report that the mediator has submitted their final recommendations to settle the outstanding matters for our brothers and sisters at Whitehorn Village. While our demands at the bargaining table differ from those of Whitehorn, these recommendations can serve as a reference point for our own negotiations.

In reviewing the mediator's recommendations, we have noted significant increases for the nursing care group. The mediator’s recommendations are attached to this update. Below are some highlights:

  • Date of Ratification (DOR)- Evening shift premium increases to $2.25 from $0.75.
  • DOR - Night shift premium increases to $3.50 from $1.25.
  • DOR - Weekend premium increases to $3.00 from $1.50.
  • Sick time increases from 5 days yearly to 12 days yearly. Also, previously there was no opportunity to carry over days, and now up to 36 days can carry over.
  • New grid for HCA salaries has a starting wage of $20.25 and top rate of $24.87. This is a significant increase from the existing $18.50 starting wage and $22.30 top rate.
  • New grid for LPN salaries has a starting wage of $28.45 and top rate of $35.00. This is a significant increase from the existing $26.25 starting wage and $32.55 top rate.
  • RRSP contribution increases from 1% to 2%.
  • LPNs receive $200 annually for licensing fees.
  • Both LPNs and HCAs will receive two professional development days.
  • Incremental increase in vacation leave earnings.
  • Two additional bereavement days for travel over 350 km.
  • 0.50 FTE workers eligible for 100% employer-paid benefits.

It is important to acknowledge that over two years have passed since Whitehorn made its monetary salary proposal, and the mediator’s recommendations maintain salaries that are relatively low in comparison to the rest of Alberta. We are fully committed to fighting for fair wages and a comprehensive compensation package that reflects members’ invaluable contributions to Swan Evergreen.

To facilitate a thorough discussion and address any inquiries you may have, we have scheduled a meeting for August 28th. The session will take place from 2 PM to 4 PM at the theatre room of Swan Evergreen. Your negotiator, along with your MSO, will be present to provide insights and answer your questions.

Your presence and engagement are crucial as we continue to work toward a favorable resolution. We look forward to seeing you on August 28th.


Sheryll Esmane

Romlyn Ramos

Katreen Gatmaitan


Christian Tetreault, Negotiations

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing

Jennifer Garrison, Membership Services Officer


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