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Strathcona County: Members reject tentative agreement

Feb 07, 2022

Bargaining Update: Strathcona County—Local 118, Chapter 009, All Staff

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AUPE members at Strathcona County have voted to reject the latest tentative agreement for the next collective agreement, and the negotiations team is working to plan out what happens next.
Following a vote in January, Strathcona County members rejected the agreement, in an important exercise of union democracy. Your negotiations team hears you, and will work to make sure that we can get a stronger deal that reflects our co-workers priorities.
In order to do that, your negotiations team will be reaching out to as many people as possible to hear your opinions. Collective bargaining is a collective process, and we need your input. The team wants our next contract to reflect the priorities of our co-workers, and we need your input to make that happen.
Your negotiations team will begin making phone calls to all members of Local 118, Chapter 009 in the two weeks between Feb. 15 – 28. We want to hold these one-on-one conversations with you, so that we can hear directly what matters to you at the bargaining table.
To do that, we’ll need to have your contact info—so please make sure to reach out to the members of the negotiations team to ensure we have the right information. If you haven’t been receiving these updates via email, and if you haven’t been receiving text messages from the team, then that is a good sign that we don’t have your contact information. 
Together, we’re going to win a collective agreement that meets our needs—and we’re going to do it together. Your negotiations team is looking forward to speaking with you about how we get there.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team with and questions, comments, or feedback. And remember to send them your contact information!

Your Strathcona County Negotiating Team:

Derek Probst:
Curtis Hopkins: 780-863-6811 or
Lynda Hajas: 780-668-3527 or
Darcy Hajas: 780-803-2170 or

AUPE resource staff:

Merryn Edwards, Negotiator:
Tracy Noble Organizer:
Jon Milton Communications:


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