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More health-care workers join Western Canada’s largest union

Employees of Silverado Seniors Village Partnership want better working conditions

Jul 28, 2022

Employees of Silverado Creek want better working conditions

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Front-line health-care workers employed by Silverado Seniors Village Partnership in Calgary have joined the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE).
The 115 auxiliary nursing care staff voted to join the largest union in Western Canada because they wanted to negotiate better working conditions and better care for the long-term care residents at Silverado Creek, 7 Silverton Way S.W., Calgary. The facility has about 130 long-term care beds.
“These members came to us because they had serious concerns over working conditions, workplace safety care, wages and benefits,” says AUPE vice-president Bobby-Joe Borodey.
“They were worried about being able to provide better care for the residents and wanted their voices to be heard by management. With the solidarity that comes from being in a union with 95,000 members and a team of professionals to support them, they now have that voice,” she says.
“We can now begin the work of negotiating a collective-bargaining agreement with the employer that works for the employer and the workers.”
The workplace issues seen at Silverado Creek are common in continuing-care and health-care facilities across Alberta.
“That’s why more workers are turning to AUPE to protect their rights and to beat back continuing attacks on their ability to provide decent care,” says Borodey.
AUPE is negotiating 15 first contracts for workers who have voted to join the union. “Workers come to AUPE because they know they can negotiate better conditions when they belong to a strong union. That’s the power of solidarity.”
Silverado Creek is now one of eight facilities operated by Park Place where AUPE members work. In Edmonton, these are Benevolence Care Centre, Copper Sky Lodge, Devonshire Care Centre, Hardisty Care Centre, Sprucewood Place and Villa Marguerite. In Calgary, AUPE already represents workers at Newport Harbour.
AUPE vice-president Bobby-Joe Borodey is available for comment.
For information, please contact Terry Inigo-Jones, communications officer, at 403-831-4394 or

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