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GSBC Bargaining Update: Negotiations to resume

Employer and union seek dates for new talks

Oct 14, 2020

Employer and union seek dates for new talks

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Negotiations for a new collective agreement with the Government of Alberta (GOA) will resume as soon as the employer and union can agree on new dates.

The GOA informed your negotiating team last week that it saw no reason to delay bargaining or extend job protection again and wanted to resume talks. Despite Alberta facing a second wave in the COVID-19 pandemic, the employer said the surge in cases was not an issue and: “It is business as usual.”

As a result, your bargaining committee is required to return to the table.

This means that the agreement to delay bargaining and extend the Letter of Understanding on job protection expires tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 15).

When talks began in February, the employer proposed a wage cut and freezes, along with rollbacks to the collective agreement and contracting out. Your negotiating team proposed a two year deal with raises of 2.5 per cent per year and the continuation of job security provisions. Click here to see what the opening proposals presented by the employer and your negotiating team.

Any questions about position abolishment should be directed to AUPE Member Service Officers (MSOs). You can reach your MSO by contacting the Member Resource Centre (MRC) here or by calling 1-800-232-7284.

Please stay tuned for further bargaining updates.

Your Government Services Bargaining Committee (GSBC)

Rebecca Leblanc, Local 001,
Andrea Waywanko, Local 002,
Dax Lydiard, Local 003,
Steve Eagles, Local 004,
Randy Ramsden, Local 005,
Donna Smith, Local 006,
Angela Pala, Local 009,
Ken Podulsky (GSBC Vice-chair), Local 012,  

AUPE staff resources

Dale Perry, negotiations spokesperson,
Merryn Edwards, negotiations spokesperson,
Farid Iskandar, organizer,
Madelaine Sommers, organizer,
Terry Inigo-Jones, communications,


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