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GOA remote work is ending: Here’s what you need to know

All Government of Alberta workers will be back in the office by Sept. 7, says Deputy Minister

Jun 30, 2021

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On June 30, the Deputy Minister’s Council sent an email to all staff about the Government of Alberta’s plans for your return to your physical worksites, which will start as early as Aug. 3, 2021.

Many government employees have been working remotely for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now GOA members are returning to their offices and worksites in stages. According to the email, the first group (returning as early as Aug. 3) will mainly be managers, unless “operational needs” require non-management workers to return as well. All GOA staff are expected to return to the office by September 7, 2021 under the plan.

The Deputy Minister responsible for your department will provide you with its specific return plan. They did not provide a timeline on when to expect that plan, but it should arrive soon in your MyAPS inbox.

In the meantime, If you have any unresolved worksite specific issues, including health and safety concerns, please contact your Membership Services Officer (MSO) by calling the Member Resource Centre at 1-800-232-7284.

This past year has been tumultuous, and we know that you have worked hard to keep Alberta running through this unprecedented crisis. Whether working from home, in the office, out in the field or at your worksite, you were there for this province, providing your neighbours with the services they need.

Alberta’s plan to “return to normal” must be done in a way that prioritizes the safety of Alberta’s workers. We will ensure that the employer holds itself to the highest standard in that regard. There can be no real recovery without workers.

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