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FSCC: Our workplace culture is toxic. It’s time to act

We must work together to bring real change to correctional centre

Mar 31, 2021

We must work together to bring real change to FSCC

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For more than five years, workers have been unhappy with the workplace culture at the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre (FSCC), which has resulted in a drop in morale for staff in every area.

We talk about it at the worksite and away from work. We have taken our concerns to management. But we have seen little progress.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added to the already existing strains, magnified our issues and made the urgency to address those issues more prominent.

Management says it wants to improve working conditions and its offer is a sign the employer acknowledges there are serious problems.

However, its plan relies on the people who are causing the problem. It’s like asking the poison for an antidote or asking the bully how to end bullying. We do not have confidence that it will work.

Now, it’s time to push to get solutions that work for us. We can work together to identify the areas that are of the most concern and what we are prepared to do together to bring the change we need and deserve.

That’s why it’s imperative to take this short survey. The feedback you provide will give ammunition for our fight to make things better. The more of us who answer, the stronger our case.

What issues are your biggest concern – management bullying and harassment; the effect of the toxic workplace on your physical and mental health; the handling of the pandemic; staffing shortages; scheduling; the clean-shaven policy; something else?

Are you happy with a management plan to undertake change from within their own ranks? Do you feel comfortable bringing your concerns to management or do you fear retribution for speaking up?

In recent years, other correctional facilities in Alberta have brought in independent third parties to provide an unbiased examination and offer unbiased solutions to deal with toxic workplace cultures. Do we at the FSCC deserve any less?

Please take this survey and help us build a better workplace.

Your identity will not be revealed to the employer.

NOTE: This survey will close on April 12.


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