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Digital Outreach Opens Up with New Video Series

Jan 10, 2019

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If you''ve been paying attention to AUPE''s Facebook page lately, you''ve probably noticed a new series of snappy and informative videos in the spotlight.

The new "Unboxing" Facebook video series began in September and tackle some of the most pressing topics for our members today, from the state of public services and the health-care system, to training courses, retirement security, and much more.

"AUPE has members all over Alberta, including in some of the province''s most remote areas, so social media is a great way to overcome the challenge of distance," said AUPE Vice-President Susan Slade. "As Alberta''s largest and most diverse union, AUPE is always looking for new and innovative ways to reach members on the issues that matter to them most."

In the "Unboxing Young Workers" clip, for example, we explain the benefits joining a union can bring to young people in the workplace.

"One of our goals with the ''Unboxing'' series is to unpack some of the more complex labour and political issues our members are invested in, and to give workers the confidence to have conversations about them," said Slade.

"The aim is to make these issues as clear, digestible and shareable as possible, so members have tools for driving conversations online from a worker perspective."

Other shareable content in the series will focus on topics specific to AUPE and its internal processes, giving members basic and useful information about how the union and its components work.

Beyond the "Unboxing" series, AUPE is also sharing #ThrowBackThursday videos, injecting new life into an old labour issue by examining it through a modern lens.

"Our union has always believed we can learn from the past, and having a place to share videos that are in our archives helps us do just that by reminding us that challenges we''ve faced before may be waiting for us again in the future," Slade said.

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