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Covenant Care: Non-monetary negotiations begin

Update for Local 040, Covenant Care

Feb 14, 2024

Significant progress made on addressing several articles

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Your negotiating team is pleased to report that bargaining began surprisingly amicably on January 30, February 5, and February 6. As we discussed non-monetary proposals, we found that the employer agreed with us on which articles required adjustments or enhancements. Our proposal was focused on addressing site specific issues which the employer readily collaborated on, with an exchange of ideas and language, without proposing concessions. We were able to quickly agree on several articles.  

Noteworthy achievements include: 

  • Article 6 – Discrimination and Harassment 
    Improved and signed off with the introduction of a timeline for investigations. 

  • Article 27 – Discipline and Dismissal 
    Addition of an 18-month sunset clause and employees under investigation will now be informed of particulars before interviews or meetings. 

There were also minor enhancements to Article 10 – Performance Appraisals, Article 33 – EMAC, and Article 39 – Uniforms, with each becoming clearer. Progress was made on several other articles, and we expect they will be finalized when we continue negotiations on March 4 and 5.  

A significant gain for maintenance workers was also achieved with an immediate Letter of Understanding (LOU) addressing on-call and call back pay. This addition, not covered in the current collective agreement, ensures fair compensation at $3.00 per hour for call-backs and $3.30 per hour for on-call duty, increasing to $4.50 per hour on named holidays. 

Though your negotiating team is proud of the quick resolution to several items, we anticipate more resistance in upcoming discussions and are prepared to stand firm in our demands.  

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the newly organized members at Buffalo Grace in Lethbridge.  

Please reach out to a member of your negotiating team with any questions or concerns.  


Chateau Vitaline  

Kelsey Knibbs or 780-915-1532  

Junel Samalio or 780-994-1312  

Filma Casimero or 780-885-5540 

Foyer Lacombe 

Nancy Alexander or 780-974-9608 

Ravi Sodhi or 780-695-9176 

Finuela Barnachea or 780-566-1297 

Holy Cross Manor 

Mila Bulan or 587-229-9379 

Delia Dutin or 403-922-7290  

Heloise Mariano or 403-891-9981 

St. Marguerite Manor  

Tory Meyer (Dulcina) or 403-401-3549  

Amanda Larocque or 403-681-7461  

Victor Ulici or 403-400-3376 

St. Teresa Place 

Lorna Agustin or 403-667-7013  

Lea Hibbs or 403-606-1583  

Carolee Taylor or 587-700-6193 

St. Thomas  

Cristine Manalayasay or 780-920-7188  

Fatuma Egamusa or 780-240-8101  

Bibata Rouamba or 780-668-2164 

Villa Marie  

Charmie Liquit or 587-877-4759  

Nancy Lydom or 403-872-6518  

Jose Gallardo or 587-447-7643 


Christian Tetreault 


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