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*Bargaining Begins* Your bargaining team met with the employer to began negotiating your new collective agreement on February 27 and 28, as well as March 13,

Mar 19, 2019

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Thank you for taking the time to complete the bargaining surveys and attend meetings to give your input.

Our ingoing proposals reflected your priorities, including:

• Wages and compensation;

• Conditions for part-time and temporary employees;

• Contracting out/Job security;

• Work/life balance;

• Workplace harassment;

We began bargaining by discussing non-monetary proposals and contract language improvements. For example, we had in-depth discussions with your employer about occupational health and safety and provisions to deal with workplace discrimination and harassment.

We have not yet exchanged salary proposals, and will move on to focusing on monetary items in more detail at a later stage in bargaining. However, from the Employer’s initial proposals, it is clear that they are looking to move in the opposite direction—where we have proposed improvements to working conditions, job security and compensation, they have proposed rollbacks and increased management powers.

Remember, we can only ward off rollbacks and move forward with making improvements with your support and willingness to show the employer how much these issues mean to us. It’s important that we all stick together!

It’s also important that you don’t listen to rumours during this time. We will keep you informed by putting out bargaining updates on the union bulletin boards and by email after each round of bargaining. If you have questions, please come directly to your committee.

Next Steps

We will meet again with the employer on April 25 and 26 and have subsequent dates booked on June 13, 14, 26, and 27.

Your bargaining committee is dedicated to keeping you informed throughout the entire negotiations process. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of your committee or AUPE resource staff with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

Please update your contact information so you don’t miss out on important bargaining updates by visiting:


Chelsea Brett or 780-864-5092

Bev Damer or 780-864-0430

Shawn Nahkala or 780-251-1864


Merryn Edwards Negotiator or 780-952-1951

Dave Malka Organizer or 780-231-1800

Alexander Delorme Communications or 780-930-3333

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