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Bargaining Update: Government Services Bargaining Committee (GSBC)

Members vote overwhelmingly in favour of proposed mediated settlement

Dec 13, 2021

Members vote overwhelmingly in favour of proposed mediated settlement

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Your negotiating team has just completed counting the ballots for ratification of the proposed mediated settlement, which now forms the new collective agreement with the Government of Alberta.
Approximately 46 per cent of those eligible to vote cast ballots. Of those, 91 per cent voted in favour.

This round of bargaining has been difficult. But now that we have a ratified collective agreement, we can at least welcome a level of stability and predictability that we haven’t experienced previously with the Government.  

Your GSBC wants to thank you all for your patience, your engagement, and your determination over these past months, and for your participation in the ratification vote.  

Take care, stay safe.  

In Solidarity,  

Government Services Bargaining Committee

Local 001 – Rebecca Leblanc (GSBC Vice-chair)
Local 002 – Andrea Waywanko
Local 003 – Dax Lydiard
Local 004 – Steve Eagles
Local 005 – Randy Ramsden
Local 006 – Tom Grinnell
Local 009 – Angela Pala
Local 012 – Terrie Wispinski  

AUPE Resource Staff  

Dale Perry, Negotiations Spokesperson
Merryn Edwards, Negotiations Spokesperson
Julie Jacques, Organizing
Terry Inigo-Jones, Communications
Mimi Williams, Communications


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  • 004 - Trades and Related Services
  • 005 - Natural Resources Conservation
  • 006 - Social Services
  • 009 - Health and Support Services
  • 012 - Technical and Field Services


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