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Bargaining Update: Alberta Health Services Nursing Care

Members vote overwhelmingly in favour of mediated settlement 

May 12, 2022

Members vote overwhelmingly in favour of mediated settlement

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Your negotiating team has completed counting the ballots for ratification of the proposed mediated settlement, which now forms your new collective agreement with Alberta Health Services.
This round of bargaining has been difficult. But now that we have ratified this collective agreement, we can at least welcome a level of stability and predictability that we haven’t experienced much of over these past few years. 
As we have noted previously, any employee whose employment terminated prior to the ratification of the new collective bargaining agreement is eligible to receive retroactively any increase in wages which they would have received had their employment not terminated. If you know of any former co-workers who have left employment, please advise them that they need to contact Alberta Health Services Human Resources within 60 days of the ratification date (by July 11, 2022).
Your AHS Nursing Care negotiating team wants to thank you for your patience, your engagement, and your determination over these past months, and for your participation in the ratification vote.   

Take care, stay safe.   

In Solidarity,   


Local 041  
Christine Vavrik  
Myrna Wright (A)    

Local 043  
Judy Fader  
Bernard Pinard    

Local 044  
Brenda Bailer  
Laurie Johnson (A)    

Local 045  
Nancy Burton  
Angela Smyth (A)

Local 046  
Sandy Kyle  
Pauline (PJ) Clarke (A)    


Jason Rattray Negotiations 
Chris Dickson Negotiations 
Margaret Kapuwa Organizing 
Tracy Noble Organizing 
Jaime Urbina Organizing 
Mimi Williams Communications


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