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Bargaining Update: AHS Nursing Care

AHS Nursing Care members reject offer to delay bargaining.

Oct 15, 2020

AHS Nursing Care members reject offer to delay bargaining

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Your AUPE AHS Nursing Care negotiating team wants to get back to the bargaining table. Our employer, AHS, approached us with an offer to delay bargaining until March 31, 2021, but your team decided to reject this offer.

We know the UCP government is working through AHS to scare us and divide us. They wanted Nursing Care workers to accept this offer so that they could attack our jobs when it is more politically convenient. They know they can’t get away with slashing our jobs in the middle of a pandemic.

We want to see the UCP and AHS put their money where their mouth is. If they agree that safe, high-quality health care depends on us, let’s see them treat us fairly and guarantee job security and better compensation at the bargaining table.

Your team’s counteroffer

  • Job security guaranteed until a new agreement is negotiated and ratified
  • An employee/employer Joint Task Force to meet monthly
  • Fill vacancies due to staff exhaustion
  • Send the negotiating committee vacancy report updates

These are common sense proposals that put both staff and patient needs and safety first.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been putting patient care first. Going back to the bargaining table does not change this. Other public sector unions have also decided to go back to the bargaining table, and the UCP government has said this will cause “uncertainty.” But here’s a newsflash: resuming bargaining doesn’t cause uncertainty... unless of course the government decides to axe our jobs.

Remember, the UCP and AHS are also attacking our union family members in General Support Services. They are facing threats of job cuts and privatization unlike any this province has seen before, and we all must stand together in solidarity!

Remember your Collective Agreement

This is a challenging time for all of us. We know the sacrifices and hazards we face every day while providing quality health care to all Albertans. We must make sure to protect ourselves and stand up for ourselves.

If there is an issue at work or something that may jeopardize your health or wellbeing, please remember to refer to your collective agreement. It is there for you to use and your employer must respect it.

If you have any questions about your collective agreement or an issue at work, please contact your worksite steward. You can also contact your Membership Services Officer by calling AUPE at 1-800-232-7284.

If you have questions about bargaining, the job protections extension, or how to prepare to fight back, please contact a member of your negotiating team or AUPE resource staff.

AHS Nursing Care Negotiating Team

Local 041
Christine Vavrik -
Myrna Wright (A) -

Local 043
Judy Fader -
Marylou Savic (A) -

Local 044
Brenda Bailer -
Laurie Johnson (A) -

Local 045
Nancy Burton -
Brenda Marks (A) -

Local 046
Dolline Osterlund -
Sandy Kyle (A) -

AUPE Resource Staff

Jason Rattray, Lead Negotiator -
Chris Dickson, Negotiator –
Farid Iskandar, Organizer -
Kate Jacobson, Organizer -
Alexander Delorme, Communications -

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