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Bargaining Update: AHS GSS Update for Laundry Workers

The linen transition is starting, and you’re anxious. What’s next?

Aug 25, 2021

An Important Update for AHS GSS Laundry Workers

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In less than one month, Alberta Health Services will start handing over its laundry services to corporate giant K-Bro. Starting in the Calgary zone, then swiftly moving through the South, Central and lastly, North Zones, privatization creep looms. The human cost will be staggering. 

As workers, we’re paying for Kenney and Shandro’s privatization scheme with our wages, job security and pensions. It’s unfair, but it’s not hopeless. With the entire union by our side, we can work together to mitigate the harm and ensure we all understand our rights, so each of us can prepare and make the best decision for us and our families. You are still members, and that means you have union representation and rights.

Our AUPE Membership Services Officers (MSO) have already started assisting GSS members across the province who have received AHS’s letters about contracting out laundry.

You probably have many questions about contracting out laundry, and your MSOs want to help you answer. Please contact them by calling the AUPE member resource centre at 1-800-232-7284. 

Other Resources

For any questions and concerns about your pensions and your membership with the Local Authorities Pension plan, call 1-877-649-5277. The LAPP Member Services Centre Hours of Operation (MST) are Mon - Fri (except Thurs): 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Thurs: 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

If you or a family member are experiencing intense anxiety or vulnerability for any reason, our Crisis Support Service is there for you. Call 1-844-744-7026. This service is available even if the crisis is not work-related.

You are experiencing an incredibly stressful situation – we can only get through this by working together and using the resources available to AUPE members.

Please contact your AHS GSS Negotiating Team or AUPE Resource Staff if you have any further questions.

AHS GSS Negotiating Team  
Local 054 
Julie Woodford -   
Charity Hill (A) - 
Local 056   
Tammy Lanktree – 
Percy Ogden (A) –
Local 057   
Darren Graham -   
Wendy Kicia (A) -  
Local 058   
Anton Schindler -   
Dave Ibach (A) -  
Local 095   
Dusan Milutinovic (A) -  
Lamont Health Care Centre GSS  
Jessica Kroeker -  
Carol Palichuk - 
AUPE Resource Staff for AHS GSS

Chris Dickson, Lead Negotiator - 
Jason Rattray, Negotiator - 
Tracy Noble, Edmonton-North Organizer – 
Kate Jacobson, Calgary-South Organizer - 
Margaret Kapuwa, Central Organizer –
Alexander Delorme, Communications - 

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