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Bargaining Update: AgeCare Walden Heights (ANC)

The Employer has a New Negotiator, We’re Nearing the Finish Line

Jul 09, 2021

Bargaining Update Local 48, Chapter 31, Nursing Care

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Bargaining at AgeCare Walden Heights is continuing. With all of your hard work over the course of the pandemic—including having to deal with a significant worksite outbreak—your negotiations committee is working to secure a deal that reflects the essential service that you provide.

Your AUPE bargaining committee met with the employer over two days of bargaining in June. This was the seventh and eighth day of bargaining, where normally, we would be discussing compensation and monetary items. That was slowed down slightly because a new negotiator was assigned to the file on the employer’s side.

We spent the first day re-living the previous six days of bargaining and getting the new negotiator up to speed. Your bargaining committee wanted to make sure that our proposals were clear and to ensure all the classifications in the bargaining unit (HCAs, RAs) receive the same benefits and entitlements.

We are not backing down on our demand that shift differentials, weekend premiums, and other entitlements are the same for all members. We are also looking for modest increases to have parity with the other AgeCare sites.

Due to the work done the first six days of bargaining, most of the two days was used agreeing to language previously agreed to by the employer’s former negotiator. The parties have now agreed to nearly all non-monetary items. We want to begin a serious discussion on our monetary proposals now.

We don’t know why the employer changed negotiators. While we haven’t confirmed this, we believe it was because of the petition you delivered to upper management. The change was made swiftly after you all took action.

So far, the employer has not signaled whether they will be changing their insulting monetary offer. Their initial offer would keep HCA pay much lower than at other AgeCare sites and health centres across the province through 2022, and would see NO increase for the LPNs.

We continue to push for real gains in the next collective agreement. We’re focused on the key items identified by the membership in our bargaining survey—wages, benefits, better working conditions and a workplace free of favoritism and harassment.

We do not want upper management making inappropriate comments on the work floor during a worldwide pandemic. Comments such as “if you don’t like it, you can leave” serve no purpose. We have made the employer aware numerous times of the favoritism and flippant remarks you and your co-workers hear on a daily basis. Unfortunately, over this past 17 months, nothing has changed.

They say they are insulted by us merely pointing out facts of what we have heard from you all during this round of negotiations.
You have kept residents and yourselves safe during the pandemic. You have dealt with a substantial outbreak at work, and you have worked hard in a high-stress environment to make sure that residents are safe. You deserve better than disrespectful remarks by managers and insults at the bargaining table. Your bargaining committee is fighting so that your next collective agreement provides you with the dignity you deserve.

Our next bargaining dates with the employer are scheduled for July 13 & 21. We hope to receive a response to our monetary demands and approach a conclusion to bargaining.

We want to thank you for your continued support. Reach out to your bargaining committee to get involved in the fight to win a fair contract.

Your bargaining committee
Lisa Dray 403-554-8714 or

Emily Unggos:

Maggie Couper

Tracy Downey
Cecile Factura

AUPE staff representatives
Christian Tetreault, Negotiator
Madelaine Sommers, Organizer or 403-606-8774
Jon Milton, Communications


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