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Bargaining continues for 118/011 Civida members

Bargaining Update for AUPE members working for Civida, Local 118 Chapter 011

Oct 21, 2022

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Your negotiating team met with Civida on October 5 and 6 and again on the 12th and 13th. We engaged in healthy debate at the bargaining table and were able to sign off on several Articles and Letters of Understanding:

  •         Article 5 Union Recognitions: signed off as it currently is.
  •         Article 35 Maternity/Paternal/Adoption Leave: changed the notice period to 4 weeks.
  •         Article 36 Leaves of Absence: signed off as it currently is.
  •         Article 38 Group Life Insurance: minor change to reflect the current date for Group Life Insurance.
  •         Article 44: Changed the article title to Health and Safety.
  •         Article 45 Education Leave: changed the language of this article to clarify that it is for unpaid leave to accommodate full-time studies.
  •         Article 46 Respect in the Workplace: we expanded the language used in this article so that it may be more prescriptive.
  •         Letter Of Understanding - Contracting Out: extended the deadline for when this LOU expires.

On October 12, we started conversations about monetary items with the employer, which includes wages and benefits.

Civida proposed rollbacks to Casual and General Illness and Special leave. Your negotiating team firmly told the employer we would not accept these rollbacks.

Next bargaining meetings

We are scheduled to continue bargaining on November 1 and 17, 2022.

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Please contact your negotiating team representatives or AUPE Resource Staff if you have any questions.


Tamara Shupenia,

Lori Brown,

Brock Ciochetti,


Chris Dickson, Negotiator

Mary Riemer, Organizer

Alexander Delorme, Communications


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