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Award for young activists: Nominations open!

Nominate your co-workers who are the future of the labour movement

May 16, 2022

Member Update — Young Activists Committee

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The Young Activists Committee (YAC) has opened nominations for the Recognition of Activism Leadership (RALY) award!

The RALY award is the YAC’s most prestigious award for young people involved in AUPE. We know that young people are the future of the labour movement — it’s young people that will pick up the torch where their predecessors left off, and advance the fight into the future. Every day, young people in AUPE stand up for their co-workers, defend health and safety in the workplace, and make sure their working conditions are respected.

That’s why we created the RALY award — as a small way to thank the young activists that make the labour movement stronger every day. The young activists who, even if they’re early in their careers, aren’t afraid to put themselves on the line. Without these young activists, the labour movement would be heading to extinction.

To be eligible for the RALY award, a nominee must an AUPE member who is 30 years old or younger at the time of their nomination, who goes above and beyond when it comes to activism in the workplace.

Does that sound like someone you know? Then download the nomination form and nominate them! You’ll have to write a short blurb about why you believe your co-worker deserves the award. Please include a story or two about a time you saw the nominee stand up for themselves or their co-workers. Email the nomination forms to

Nominations can be submitted by any member, or group of members. They do not have to be passed through Local Councils, but we encourage you to discuss your nomination ideas at the Local Council anyway!

We’re accepting nominations until July 1, so make sure you get it sent in before the deadline. We’ll be presenting the award on August 12, which the United Nations recognizes as International Youth Day.

Young people are the future of AUPE. We should show our young activist colleagues appreciation and solidarity every day. The RALY award is one important way to do that. Let’s celebrate, and build the future of this union!

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