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AUPE’s Committee on Political Action is working for you

Politicians impact the jobs AUPE members do – COPA is here to help you make sense of it all.

Mar 22, 2024

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Politics matters to AUPE members. Even if you are not personally interested in politics, politics is interested in you. The provincial government’s decisions affect most AUPE members’ jobs, including members directly employed by the government as well as those working in health care and post-secondary education. Many members are employed by municipalities across the province, too. 

AUPE’s Committee on Political Action (COPA) is here to help members cut through the spin and learn about the political events that impact you. The committee provides important information for members as well as opportunities to get involved in political events and discussions. 

AUPE is a non-partisan union and COPA takes that fact very seriously. AUPE is not affiliated with any political party, which allows COPA to analyze every party and politician on their individual merits. Whether a new policy comes from the NDP or UCP, COPA is here to tell you if it is good or bad for AUPE members. 

That is why the committee is excited to focus on political education in 2024. COPA will once again attend AUPE’s 2024 Convention to facilitate several political conversations with delegates. Our goal is to ensure every AUPE member can learn about the issues that matter, participate in our democracy, and share their experiences with their friends and families. 

Locals, Chapters, and activists who want more political information or have questions can email the committee chair, Vice-President James Gault, at 

You can also use our handy Contact Form on the committee website. Please share this link with other members who are interested in political action. Solidarity! 

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