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AUPE Direct Operations update and Nov. 12 member meeting

The fight to Protect Disability Services continues

Nov 06, 2020

The fight to Protect Disability Services continues

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We’re sending this as an update on our fight to stop privatization of Direct Operations in Edmonton and Calgary and invite you to member meetings happening on Nov. 12.

News from the Campaign
Going door to door for political pressure
AUPE members, guardians, and supporters have knocked on hundreds of doors in the Calgary riding of UCP Community and Social Services Minister Rajan Sawhney and in the Edmonton riding of UCP Justice Minister Kaycee Madu.

We’ve had good responses from voters upset about privatization who have been phoning and emailing their MLAs to add to the pressure! If you are interested in more door knocking, please email AUPE staff organizers Madelaine in Calgary and Trevor in Edmonton.

MLA Visits
Guardians and members continue to meet with UCP MLAs to educate and pressure them about privatization. We are encouraging follow-up visits for those of you who have already met to hold them accountable to what they told you. Reach out to Madelaine or Trevor for support.

Successful rally to stop privatization
More than 200 guardians, members of AUPE and other union, and supporters gathered at the Legislature in Edmonton to send a message to the government. AUPE put together a video you can view here.

CTV covered the rally as well. You can see the report here.

As did Global. You can see the report here.

Consultation period ending
AUPE will be making its final submission under the consultation period soon. The government could report on the consultation this month.

The next step is for Minister Sawhney to take a recommendation to a cabinet meeting of the government ministers at a later date. This recommendation could be for full privatization, partial privatization or no privatization. No decision has been made yet and no decision is expected this week. We need to keep up the pressure!

AUPE member meetings
All Direct Operations members in Locals 009 and 006 are invited to Zoom meetings on Thursday, Nov. 12. The meetings will provide an update on the campaign, the consultation and what we can be doing to stop privatization. Members of your Chapter and Local executives will be attending, as well as AUPE vice-president Kevin Barry and AUPE organizing staff.

The first meeting is at 11 a.m. - Here's the link.

The second one is at 7 p.m. – This is a different link to use.

Bargaining resumes and government letter sent
Your AUPE Government Services Bargaining Committee (GSBC) is back at the negotiations table on Nov. 5, 12 and 13. With bargaining having resumed, the job security you had for permanent staff expired as of Oct. 15.
AUPE was sent a letter (see document GOA disclosure letter at the end of this update) outlining 930 positions that could be eliminated, including a possible 344 in Direct Operations. Everyone should understand that that letter again says that no decision has been made.

How will the transition to private providers look?
Because the government still hasn't made a decision, we don't have any concrete information yet. Your collective agreement covers situations including position abolishments and layoffs, which will look differently depending on whether or not you are in a permanent or temporary/wage position.

You can get a copy of your collective agreement here.

Remember, you can call AUPE at 1-800-232-7284 to talk to your Membership Services Officer about questions you have about the collective agreement. For those of you who are in the government benefit plan, make sure you are using your benefits like dental and vision just in case.

We know this uncertainty is hard to live and work under. We also know through your efforts the privatization that we thought would happen in September hasn't happened yet – keeping people employed longer than expected. Your Chapter leadership are committed to keep pushing to Protect Disability Services. We hope to see you at the meeting where we can talk about plans to keep up the fight!


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