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AUPE and Revera reach agreement on single-site employment

Workers to be given extra hours, overtime to make up for loss of other jobs

Apr 06, 2020

Workers to be given extra hours, OT to make up for loss of other jobs

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AUPE and Revera have come to an agreement to protect your interests as workers, while also limiting work to a single continuing care location during the current pandemic period.

You were asked by Revera to work for only one employer during the COVID-19 pandemic. That would have meant a significant loss of income and asking you to choose under those conditions was unfair.

That’s why AUPE went to the Alberta Labour Relations Board to ask for this to be stopped.

After three days of negotiations at the Labour Board, AUPE and Revera signed a Letter of Understanding that sets out how to proceed.

What if I choose to work only at my current Revera site?

If you choose to work only at your current Revera site and give up your other job or jobs and this means you will lose working hours, Revera will give you more hours, up to a 1.0 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE).

If this is not enough to make up for the hours you have lost from your other jobs or jobs, Revera will offer overtime to affected workers before offering it to anyone else. This means you get the first chance to do overtime, ahead of out-of-scope employees, workers from temp agencies or contractors.

To show how many hours of work you are losing by giving up your other job or jobs, you will need to provide Revera with pay stubs from your other jobs for the period between January 1 and April 1, 2020.

If you are not already part of Revera’s insurance, disability and benefits plan, you will be put on that plan and have access to those benefits.

What if I already signed the form saying I was choosing my other job or jobs?

The agreement says that even if you signed the form and chose to leave your Revera job, you have four days (until Wednesday, April 8) to change your mind and choose to go back to work for Revera.

It is very important that you do this quickly.

If you choose to return to work at your Revera site, you will return at the beginning of the next regular schedule.

What if I choose to keep my other job or jobs and stop working for Revera?

If you signed the form and chose to take an unpaid leave of absence from Revera and keep your other job or jobs and you wish to stick to that, then nothing has changed.

What happens after the pandemic is over?

For six months after the pandemic is declared over, Revera will offer available regular work hours ahead of out-of-scope employees or agency employees.

When will these changes take effect?

The new schedules at Revera sites will begin on April 14.

What if I still have questions about all of this?

In Edmonton and St. Albert, you can email you Member Service Officer (MSO) Leslie Davies at or phone organizer Jaime Urbina at 587-599-7557.

In Calgary and Red Deer, you can email Member Service Officer (MSO) Shannon Winters at or call organizer Michelle Szalynski at 403-634-8262.

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