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Attention Local 005 members: We want to hear your ideas

Employee Relations Committee is ready to listen to your expert views

Mar 13, 2024

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Are you a member of AUPE Local 005 and have a few ideas about how to make your work better or more effective? 

No one knows more about the work you do and how to do it than you. Your insights and suggestions should be heard. 

The good news is that there is a way to present those ideas and have them taken seriously. 

Under the collective agreement between AUPE and the Government of Alberta (GOA), an Employee Relations Committee (ERC) has been established for Local 005 members. 

This committee is made up of equal numbers of representatives of the union and the employer. It is co-chaired by one member from each side. 

According to the terms of reference for the committee, the ERC will discuss matters of mutual interest related to employees covered by the Natural Resources Conservations Services, Subsidiary 005. 

The committee can make recommendations for changes if they are approved by a majority of committee members. 

What kinds of things can the ERC consider? 

Some issues are appropriate for the ERC, some may be better dealt with by other means.  

The ERC is a place to discuss issues including: 

  • Working conditions;  
  • Policies and procedures; 
  • Staff development; and 
  • Suggestions for improved efficiency. 

The ERC cannot consider pending or potential grievances. There is already an established process for dealing with these. If you want to file a grievance or have questions about a grievance, talk to your workplace union steward or contact AUPE’s Member Resource Centre (MRC) either by clicking here or calling 1-800-232-7284.  

The ERC can also not discuss issues related terms and conditions in the collective-bargaining agreement (CBA). If you want to discuss ways to improve the collective agreement, those ideas need to be taken to your negotiating team. Bargaining has just begun for a new CBA. You can get the latest information – and contacts for your negotiating representatives – on the AUPE website here

Also, the ERC cannot consider issues for which there are other avenues to discuss and resolve that have not yet been fully explored. 

To see the full terms of reference for the ERC, click here and scroll down to Pages 13 and 14. 

How do I contact the ERC? 

If you have ideas the ERC should consider, please contact one of the following AUPE members serving on the committee. 

Jeff Bleach, Lands       

Pat King, Conservation Officers 

Aaron Townsend, Fire/Forestry 

Kole Fitzsimmons, Fish and Wildlife Officers 

NOTE: The AUPE representative for Biologists is yet to be determined. In the meantime, please contact one of the other AUPE representatives. 

What if I want to be an ERC member? 

AUPE chooses who will represent it on the ERC.  

To find out how to apply, contact Local 005 Chair Christopher Joly at


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