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Time for Action June Town Halls - All details

ATB: Bargaining begins with Article changes & agreements

Update for Local 020, Alberta Treasury Branch

Jun 06, 2024

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Your negotiating team met with your employer on May 22 and 23 to begin bargaining for your new collective agreement. We exchanged our initial proposals and discussed the concerns most important to you.

We were clear that we require ATB to address our increased workloads and adequate coverage for absences, as well as a better communication platform. To address this last point, your negotiating team is setting up a Google Chat and will share it with you soon.

We signed off on all non-monetary Articles and Letters of Understanding (LOU). The following included several changes:

  • Article 3 – Team Member Relations Committee: Moved language from LOU to a new clause related to the terms of reference for this committee.
  • Article 9 – Acting Pay: Removed the maximum of 10% for acting pay.
  • Article 18 – Casual Illness: Added language for scheduling medical appointments.
  • Article 33 – Job Opportunities: Added language to clarify the process for job progression and promotions when there are no additions of full-time equivalents.
  • Appendix B: Updated job titles and position titles.

These Articles and LOUs were signed off with no changes:

  • Article 1 – Definitions
  • Article 2 – Management Recognition
  • Article 4 – Union Recognition and Application
  • Article 5 – Union Membership and Dues Check-off
  • Article 6 – Employer/Union Relations
  • Article 7 – Time Off for Union Business
  • Article 8 – Rates of Pay
  • Article 10 – Hours of Work
  • Article 11 – Overtime
  • Article 13 – Call Back Pay
  • Article 14 – Defined Location Supplementary Allowance
  • Article 17 – Special Leave
  • Article 19 – General Illness
  • Article 20 – Proof of Illness
  • Article 22 – Workers’ Compensation
  • Article 23 – Probation
  • Article 24 – Disciplinary Action
  • Article 25 – Adoption/Parental Leave
  • Article 26 – Maternity Leave
  • Article 27 – Court Leave
  • Article 28 – Leaves of Absence
  • Article 29 – Staff Reductions
  • Article 30 – Safety and Health
  • Article 31 – Grievance Procedure
  • Article 32 – Respect in the Workplace
  • Article 34 – Multiple Work Locations
  • LOU Re: Major Workforce Reduction
  • LOU Re: Appendix “B” Job Evaluation
  • LOU Re: Employment Insurance Rebate or Reduction
  • LOU Re: Additional Location Supplement

Next meetings Sept. 26 and 27

We are cautiously optimistic for our next bargaining meetings on September 26 and 27, when we will discuss the outstanding monetary items.

Show ATB that we are strong and united! Wear red on Sept. 26 and 27 when we are in bargaining. Your continued support gives us more sway at the bargaining table. Take selfies with your united co-workers and send them to to be shared on AUPE’s social media.

We will also host a virtual bargaining town hall meeting in July over Zoom. Stay tuned for details.

To receive more union news, including information on more Wear Red days, create a MyAUPE account at Remind your co-workers to do the same! You can also find these updates directly on AUPE’s website.

Urgent bargaining town halls

AUPE’s Time for Action bargaining town halls are happening throughout June and all members are invited. Please visit the town hall website for details on the town hall nearest you.

You will also receive email invitations, shareable posters, and timely reminders to ensure everyone has the chance to attend. All AUPE members are encouraged to join these urgent town halls.

Please contact a member of your negotiating team if you have any questions.


Laura Mitchell

Christine Fawcett

Monica Chmilar

Shanna Torok


T Gavin

Karrie Derouin


Prisca Ryan, Negotiator

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