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AHS Nursing Care: Preparing for bargaining

Update for Locals 041, 043, 044, 045, 046, AHS Nursing Care

Dec 08, 2023

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Your Alberta Health Services Nursing Care Negotiating Team is preparing for bargaining. We met on December 3, 4, and 5 to talk strategy, review your responses to our bargaining survey, and begin drafting proposals. 

Bargaining for a new collective agreement begins in 2024. Nearly all AUPE members—about 82,000 of us—will be bargaining next year; we’re all in this together. 

Your team will meet again in January and February to finish drafting our proposals for how to improve our collective agreement. We received more bargaining survey responses than ever before—thank you! Your survey responses will help us focus on the big issues that matter for members, including the wages and recognition we deserve. 

We all know workloads, staffing levels, and addressing our increased scope of practice are on everyone’s mind, so we will be sure to focus on these issues when creating our proposals.  

Keep an eye out for future bargaining updates and be sure to share them with your coworkers. We will need your support and solidarity to secure our next collective agreement. 

Please contact your negotiating team representative if you have any questions. 

AHS Nursing Care Negotiating Team 

Local 041 
Christine Vavrik 

Mellissa Bremner (alt) 

Local 043 
Judy Fader 

Sandy Miller (alt) 

Local 044 
Marg Miller 

Jesse Philp (alt) 

Local 045 
Nancy Burton 

Angela Smyth (alt) 

Local 046 
Marty Roy, Chair 

Heather Stewart (alt) 

AUPE Resource Staff 

Kate Robinson, Lead Negotiator 

Chris Dickson, Negotiator 

Tracy Noble, Organizer 

Jaime Urbina, Organizer 

Alexander Delorme, Communications 

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  • Bargaining updates


  • 041 - AHS South Zone ANC
  • 043 - AHS North Zone ANC
  • 044 - AHS Central Zone ANC
  • 045 - AHS Calgary Zone ANC
  • 046 - AHS and Covenant Edmonton Zone ANC

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