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AgeCare Walden Heights: Bargaining resumes for ANC and GSS

Bargaining update for AgeCare Walden Heights ANC and GSS Local 48 Chapter 031

Mar 30, 2022

Non-monetary items signed off; monetary proposals tabled

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Following protracted delays due to repeated turnover on the employer’s negotiations team, bargaining has resumed, and progress has been made. We are optimistic that the third time’s the charm – the employer’s new negotiator seems more amenable to hearing concerns and your negotiating team has noticed a tangible difference in the tone and pace of the conversation. 

Auxiliary Nursing Care (ANC) 

Following our meeting with the employer’s negotiator on Mar. 7, 2022, we are happy to report that all non-monetary items have been signed off. Through the full monetary proposal tabled, we sought creative avenues to reach fair and equitable compensation for the crucial contributions you make at AgeCare. 

As it stands, our members are among the lowest paid workers at AgeCare, below the industry average in the province; your negotiating team refuses to let this continue.  
For both HCAs and RAs, we have proposed removing the first two steps of the grid and adding two new steps. If accepted, the grid would start at $20.06 and top out at $26.09. This brings our members’ wages in line with other AgeCare facilities and closer to the median wages for long-term/continuing care in Alberta. In addition to these increases in base wages, we have put a $1500 one-time payment and a further increase of 1.75% in 2023 on the table. We continue to demand that HCA shift differentials, premiums, vacation and other entitlements be on par with those offered to LPNs. 

We have proposed a 1.75% increase in 2022, an additional 1.50% increase in 2023, and an immediate lump sum payment of $1500 for LPNs. 
We are scheduled to continue bargaining on Apr. 8, 2022.  
General Support Services (GSS) 

Bargaining continues for GSS members, as well, with tangible progress made during meetings with the employer’s negotiator Mar. 9 to 11, 2022. Having received a comprehensive response to our full in-going proposal, we were able to sign off on the following non-monetary items with minor changes: 

  • Purpose and Preamble 
  • Article 7 – In-Service Programs 
  • Article 9 – Seniority 
  • Article 10 – Performance Appraisals 
  • Article 14 – Salaries 
  • Article 21 – Named Holidays 
  • Article 24 – Sick Leave 
  • Article 30 – Layoff and Recall 
  • Article 32 – Health and Safety 
  • New Article – Employee Management Advisory Committee 

We tabled our monetary proposals, which are under consideration by the employer. To ensure salary increases for all GSS members, we proposed removing the first three steps of the grid, along with modest increases for all classifications. We have also proposed improvements to overtime, shift differentials and weekend premiums, and on-call payments. We look forward to bargaining an overhaul of the call back article, increases to vacation entitlement and improvements to benefits, such as the creation of a flex spending account. 
We have no confirmed bargaining dates at this time but will keep you posted once we do. 

The past two years have been frustrating, there is no question. As you’ve continued to show up and provide the essential care your clients rely on, through a pandemic no less, your own needs have been deferred again and again. Despite these frustrations, your diligence and commitment to your work has not faltered. Your negotiating team’s commitment to improving your working conditions has not wavered, either. We continue to draw strength from your solidarity and support. 

As always, your negotiating team welcomes your questions, comments, and input. Please reach out with any feedback you may have.  

Solidarity will see us through.  



Lisa Dray 

Emily Unggos 

Maggie Couper 

Len Harty 



Christian Tetreault Negotiations or 403-978-7913(cell) 

Margaret Kapuwa Organizing or 403-903-0974 (cell) 

Kavi Chahal Communications  

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