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AgeCare Valleyview: Union and Employer Exchange Bargaining Proposals

Bargaining update for AgeCare Valleyview Local 084 Chapter 002 for May 24, 2023

May 26, 2023

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On May 17 and 18, your negotiating team exchanged ongoing proposals with AgeCare to start the work of negotiating a replacement collective agreement. We were able to reach agreement on many Articles and LOU’s as currently worded and made some minor changes to other Articles (see list below). 

  • Article 3 – Recognition and Application 
  • Article 4 – Union Membership and Dues Deductions 
  • Article 5 – Management Rights 
  • Article 6 – Discrimination Harassment/Bullying 
  • Article 8 – Probationary 
  • Article 9 – Seniority  
  • Article 10 – Performance Appraisals 
  • Article 11 – Appointments/ Transfers and Promotions 
  • Article 15 – Contracting Out 
  • Article 17 – Weekend Premium 
  • Article 18 – Temporary Assignments 
  • Article 19 – Employee Management Advisory Committee 
  • Article 20 – Vacation Pay on Termination 
  • Article 22 – Named Holidays  
  • Article 26 – Workers’ Compensation 
  • Article 29 – Temporary Employees 
  • Article 31 – Layoff and Recall 
  • Article 33 – Bulletin Board Space  
  • Article 34 – Health and Safety 
  • Article 35 – Copies of the Collective Agreement 
  • Article 36 – Grievance Procedure 
  • Article 38 – Dress Code 
  • Article 41 – Legal Indemnification 

We were also able to agree in principle to language changes in other Articles, including: 

  • Article 16 – Shift Differential: Nightshift amount changing to $5.00 from the date of ratification 
  • Article 32 – Discipline and Discharge: Removal of disciplinary actions from the employee’s file after 18 months 
  • Article 43 – Professional Fees: The employer to provide $200 toward annual registration fees to a professional college or regulating body 

Sadly, the employer offered only meager wage increases, falling short of current settlement trends and the increased cost of living faced by Alberta workers. The employer proposed 0% salary grid increases and a 1% lump-sum for hours worked in 2023, with future salary grid increases proposed at 1% in 2024, and 1% again in 2025. The employer's offer is not reflective of the current settlement trend in Alberta. 

There is much work to be done before we can agree on benefits packages, RRSP’s, vacation entitlement and leaves of absence.  

When the employer returns to the table on June 27 and we will continue to push for a settlement in line with trending settlements at other worksites. 

Remember that your current collective agreement remains in effect. If you feel it’s not being followed, or if you’re having problems at work, please talk to a Union Steward or reach out to AUPE’s Members’ Resource Centre at 1-800-232-7284 and they will put you in touch with your Membership Services Officer. 

If you have any questions or feedback about this bargaining update, please contact a member of your negotiating team. 


Ruth McDonald

Dee anna Wright

Kandis Eirich


Dale Perry Negotiations  

Prisca Ryan Negotiations 

Christine Yargeau-Becker Organizing  


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