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Up to 150 job losses at U of C another casualty of UCP cuts

More post-secondary pain in Calgary.

May 19, 2020

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CALGARY – The University of Calgary (U of C) will be forced to cut 125 to 150 positions because of the UCP government’s budget cuts, including 100 positions held by Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) members.

These job losses are part of the devastating cuts the UCP government is inflicting throughout Alberta’s post-secondary institutions.

“We’re seeing a systematic dismantling of public education in this province,” says AUPE Vice-President Bobby-Joe Borodey.

“What’s clear is that the UCP government has no intention of supporting post-secondary workers and students during this crisis. Regardless of when our province recovers from the pandemic, our cherished post-secondary institutions will never be the same.”

This is not the first wave of cuts the UCP has forced on the U of C:

  • 100 AUPE positions were abolished beginning in late 2019;
  • 100-150 vacant U of C staff positions have been eliminated;
  • 100 AUPE members have voluntary accepted retirement, and most of their positions will not be filled;
  • Over 150 AUPE positions have been temporarily laid off or had their working hours reduced due to COVID-19;
  • Some Limited Term and Fixed Term contracts were terminated prematurely.

Borodey says this is the time for the government to protect post-secondary education, not abandon it.

“Strong universities, colleges, and technical institutions will play an important roll in Alberta’s COVID-19 recovery,” she says.

“Scientists at the University of Calgary are researching treatment for COVID-19, for example, and support staff help keep operations running smoothly for them and everybody who works and studies there.

“How will Albertans keep up with challenges caused by the pandemic, and the economy of the future, if not through high quality post-secondary education?”


Vice-President Borodey is available for interviews.

For more information, contact: Alexander Delorme, Communications, 780-264-9274


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