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Spotlight on Bargaining: Local teams make their case with the GOA

Representatives from each government services Local showed the employer why AUPE members deserve better. Whether the Government of Alberta does the right thing

May 30, 2024

By Maureen Mariampillai, Communications Staff

Members of Local 001
Members of the Local 001 bargaining support team

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching hard work pay off. 

That’s what we’re seeing at the negotiating table, especially when the Government Services Bargaining Committee goes head-to-head with the Government of Alberta (GOA).  

Preparations began last year with bargaining conferences, training, courses, member engagement, and bargaining surveys. 

Recently, bargaining support teams for each GOA Local made presentations to the employer at the bargaining table. This was an opportunity to bring their expertise to the table and advocate for a better collective agreement, one that helps members do their jobs effectively. 

“We demand the government consider the welfare of its employees and the pressures that we’re faced with."

Trevor Elliot, Local 002 support team

Members of Local 002
Members of Local 002 bargaining support team

AUPE Vice-President James Gault says the diversity amongst GOA members is one of our union’s great strengths. 

“I come from corrections, so I know what it’s like to be one part of the larger GOA whole,” he says. "But when we put all those unique pieces together, bring all those unique perspectives and experiences to the negotiating table, we do a better job advocating for our diverse membership and the Albertans who depend on us.”  

Members of Local 004
Members of the Local 004 bargaining support team

Creating these Local support teams was a key aspect of AUPE’s most recent Strategic Plan, which prioritizes inclusive, member-driven negotiations. Getting more rank-and-file members involved at the negotiating table leverages worker power in a way we never have before. 

“Bargaining is so important this year,” says Samantha Samborski from the Local 009 support team, whose members work in health, therapy, institutional, and patient support services with the Government of Alberta. “We have to make sure our health care workers are getting what they deserve out there." 

Members of Local 005
Members of the Local 005 bargaining support team

“We demand the government consider the welfare of its employees and the pressures that we’re faced with,” echoes Trevor Elliot from the Local 002 support team, whose members work in administrative and program services. “Stop treating our members like second-class citizens and ensure we receive the pay increases we deserve and have been long overdue for.” 

Leadership at the Local level builds our power to win better collective agreements and protect the services we provide for Albertans. 

Your Local at work

Members of Local 006
Members of the Local 006 bargaining team
Members of Local 009
Members of the Local 009 bargaining support team
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More than 82,000 AUPE members are joining forces to fight for dignity, fairness, and respect though collective bargaining. We’re sending our employers a clear message: we will not back down when our rights and livelihoods are attacked. It’s time for change and AUPE members are leading the charge. 

Members of Local 012 bargaining support team
Members of the Local 012 bargaining support team

Gault says we're taking our employers head-on so every worker can do their job and live their lives without being stretched to the breaking point. 

“We are fighting for increased wages that reflect the true value of the work being done, as well as stronger job security, because no one should live in fear of losing their livelihood,” he says.  

“We're also pushing for better benefits and mental health supports. Our well-being is non-negotiable—it’s a must. We will stand together, because every Albertan deserves nothing less!”

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