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Extra! Extra! It’s election time!

By Alexander Delorme, Communications Staff

May 11, 2023

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Visit for the news and updates members need to know before voting this May. 

It’s finally here. The 2023 provincial election is underway, with Albertans set to elect our next government on May 29. Just like past years, AUPE’s Committee on Political Action (COPA) has spent several months preparing for this election. 

The committee has re-created the AUPE Votes website to serve as an election resource for members. The site includes information on AUPE members running in the election, the issues that affect members, and how our priorities match up with what political parties are promising. 

“The committee has put in a lot of work,” says Mike Dempsey, AUPE vice-president and COPA chair. “Our pre-election survey and AUPE Votes page are critical resources for members. We also put hundreds of hours into connecting with Locals and Chapters to talk to members about political issues.”  

Each COPA member has worked tirelessly to connect with members at worksites across the province. The committee has had countless conversations to share information about the election and gather feedback on the issues that matter. 

COPA’s next project will be grading the UCP and NDP’s platforms. Although we can make educated guesses about what each party believes in based on what they did while in government, the committee will have to wait until the full platforms are released to finalize their report cards. 

“We will grade the parties based on the issues most important to AUPE members,” says Dempsey. “These top issues include protecting public services, standing up for oil and gas workers and the environment, as well as advocating for workers’ rights.” 

As important as parties and their platforms are, getting to know your local candidates is just as important, especially if they also happen to be union members. 

Dempsey says he has been contacted by three AUPE members who are running in this election, with each now featured on the AUPE Votes page. These members are Local 003’s Ali Haymour, Local 071’s Jason Heistad, and Local 052’s Justin Huseby. 

“It’s important we all get involved in politics, from voting to full-on activism,” says Dempsey. “Seeing ordinary AUPE members seize the opportunity to run as candidates should inspire all of us.” 

Even if you think your vote does not matter, it is our collective duty to care about politics. Voting is the most obvious way to participate in our democracy, but many would argue that other forms of action have an even greater impact on politics. 

The labour movement has transformed politics through protest, civil disobedience, and mutual aid.  Governments may pass new laws, but pressure from ordinary people makes progress happen. AUPE is proudly political, and members will look to carry on that tradition in this latest period of political action. 

Remember to visit the AUPE Votes website for the election information that matters to AUPE members. If you are a member running in the election and want to be featured on the AUPE Votes website, please contact Vice-President Mike Dempsey, COPA Chair, at


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