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Photo Petition to Save Advanced Education!

A photo petition is like a normal petition, but instead of signatures we are “signing” with photos of ourselves. With this petition, we are demanding that the UCP government stop and reverse all cuts to the post-secondary sector. Our photo petitions will be delivered, along with our demands, to MLAs across the province.

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“Sign” the Petition!

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How to sign the Save Advanced Education photo petition:

On a piece of paper, write “Post-secondary works because I …” and then finish the sentence with a description of why what you do is important to post-secondary.

For example, maintenance workers have been writing: “Post-secondary works because I keep the buildings clean and safe for everybody.”

Take a selfie of you holding up your post-secondary works poster.

Send us your photo! Email

Ask your classmates, friends, and colleagues to join in. The more of us who join, the more power we will have to make the politicians take our demands seriously.

If you've recently been laid off or furloughed, your voice is still important and you can still support the campaign. All you have to do is change what you write on your poster. For example, you could write: "The government cut my job (description of job duties).” Something like “the government cut my job supporting students with disabilities” or “the government cut my job enrolling students in classes” would work great.

AUPE members submit selfies for a photo petition to Save Advanced Education

Join us!

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The UCP government is forcing hundreds of millions of cuts onto post-secondary institutions across Alberta. They have forced over 3,000 job losses on workers over the past year, and it will get worse.

AUPE members have launched the Save Advanced Education campaign to stop this. We are raising our voices against these cuts, proving that an alternative and better vision for post-secondary in Alberta is possible, and to organize our fellow members so we can take action at the bargaining table.

We are planning a big day of action where we will deliver our photo petition to MLAs across the province and demand they stop the cuts and Save Advanced Education.