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GOA Members: Important change to health/flexible spending account

Your health spending account will soon change to a flexible spending account

Mar 02, 2020

Health spending account will soon change to flexible spending account

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In the last collective agreement, your bargaining team negotiated a change to your health-spending account, meaning that it will become a flexible spending account.

A flexible spending account allows you to spend your money on a wider range of goods and services. As well as allowing some health claims, the flexible account allows for other spending including professional development, professional registration fees, RRSPs or Tax Free Savings Accounts, wellness expenses and family or day care.

That change will become effective on March 31.

Your employer will be emailing you shortly with details about the change, so please look for that message. This will deal with allocation of the spending account (how much you want to go to health spending and how much to flexible spending). You will have to allocate the funds between March 17 and March 30.

The employer will also be putting that information on the workplace “MyAGent” site.


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