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OHS for Union Activists - Online

Date and time

Mon, 05 Jun 2023
8:30am – 4:30am MST

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June 5-19, 2023

To join an OHS committee or fulfill the duties of a worksite OHS representative, you’re going to need the knowledge, skills and values that make a culture of safety possible. But the challenge is growing – many employers put safety at the bottom of their to-do list. And what’s worse, Alberta’s UCP government has run our OHS legislation through the paper shredder. It’s time to rise up and fight!

In OHS for Union Activists, you’ll discover the basics of joint committees, and go beyond. We’ll explore why you need to file safety grievances, bargain for safety, and organize collective action for power in your workplace. It’s all about defending the most vulnerable workers and making sure everyone goes home healthy and safe at the end of their shift.

Prerequisite: Introduction to OHS

This course is for: Members who have completed "Intro to OHS" and who want to join a joint OHS committee, learn how to deal with OHS issues, or bargain and organize for safety. AUPE encourages all members interested in taking OHS for Union Activists to also take Foundations for Union Stewards and become a Steward.  

This course uses: 

  • Videos and audio recordings  
  • Readings
  • Short exercises - including reviewing the hazard assessment for your job
  • Stories and mini case studies
  • Group discussion / Online discussion forum
  • Meetings: This course includes up to three meetings using Zoom videoconferencing. Consult the long description in the online registration system for mandatory meeting dates and times.

Learning outcomes:

  • Relate to others how your own experiences of workplace health and safety are part of a larger problem that affects workers unequally.
  • Explain different processes for resolving OHS problems and holding your employer accountable, and describe when it makes sense to try them
  • Describe the duties of joint OHS committee members, how to formally inspect a worksite, and where to find more resources and training
  • Propose improvements in health and safety language in your collective agreement and file grievances to defend your contract and promote a culture of safety
  • Orient your co-workers to health and safety practices, and have one-to-one conversations to organize for power