Bargaining remains stalled; rally planned

In June, your bargaining committee met with the employer again. Unfortunately, their proposals remained unchanged from May, and to date the company shows no sign of wanting to engage in more productive conversations.

Retirement Concept’s current monetary proposals will see you get paid 5.5 per cent less than your fellow nursing care workers at Millrise Place (one of Retirement Concept’s other facilities) by 2019:

MONTEREY MILLRISE HCA wage rates start top start top July 1 2019 $19.98 $22.85 April 1 2019 $19.20 $21.74

LPN wage rates
July 1 2019 $28.09 $34.37
April 1 2019 $26.53 $33.20

July 1, 2019 $15.46 $16.34
April 1 2019 $15.15 $15.46

July 1, 2019 $15.69 $17.66
April 1, 2019 $15.15 $16.97

AUPE members at Millrise secured these wage increases in April, when they settled their first collective agreement. They fought hard for these improvements and had to call on the assistance of an objective third-party mediator before the employer would accept them.

Like your coworkers at Millrise, you are an essential part of the health care system, delivering the diverse services seniors need. When one group of health workers is not protected, the whole care delivery system is vulnerable to employer interests and lower quality care.

Securing a fair agreement – Rally Sept 13
Moving forward, your bargaining team is committed to fighting for fair monetary compensation on par with Millrise’s and won’t accept anything less. But we can’t do this alone. All of you are a valuable part of our team, and we encourage everyone to come to our rally at Monterey on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2:30–3:30 pm.

If we accepted Retirement Concept’s current offers, this is how some of our other monetary conditions would compare to Millrise’s:

Weekend premium
Millrise: $2.25/ hr from 1500 Friday for 64 hours thereafter
Monterey: $1.75/ hr from 0700 Saturday to 0700 Monday

Professional fee reimbursement
Millrise: $200
Monterey: $150

Medication Administration pay
Monterey: $1.00/ hour
Millrise : $1.50/hour

Millrise also secured an employer-contributed RRSP.

The valuable emotional and physical labour you perform every day should afford you a living and a workspace that values your wellbeing. You and your fellow workers know this. Let’s use our collective voice and strength to show Retirement Concepts we know our worth and we’ll fight for it.

If you have any questions or ideas for bargaining, please contact your negotiations team – we want to hear from you!

Tammy Holcomb 403- 474- 7260
Carol Haller 403- 568- 4994
Balvinder K Gill

John Wevers Negotiator 780-238-4767
Michelle Szalynski Organizer 403-634-8262
Celia Shea Communications 780-720-8122