AUPE has received some sad news from a strong ally. Doug O’Halloran, president of the United Food & Commercial Workers Union, Local 401, announced his cancer has come back a second and final time.

Having served as president for 30 years, he is now going to spend his remaining time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Doug has been fighting for the rights of working Albertans for many years. His union activism began when he was a working as a meatpacker in the 1970s. He celebrated many victories. He understands that the power of working people stems from solidarity.

He and fellow members of UFCW401 supported our struggles and walked our picket lines many times, just as AUPE members supported his members whenever they were in disputes with employers.

As workers in Alberta face up to a government seemingly determined to attack our rights and our ability to earn fair wages doing important work, the need for solidarity is as great as ever.

We are thankful to Doug not only for his support and strength in the past, but for the fact that he leaves UFCW401 in good hands, safe in the knowledge that the fight for workers continues.