CALGARY – Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) members at Monterey Seniors Village will rally outside the supportive living facility at 4288 Catalina Blvd NE, from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. today, in support of fair and equal treatment of seniors care workers.

Media are invited to attend, along with all workers and community members.

“Monterey staff have been in bargaining for just over a year now, and from the get-go, they had to fight for their worth,” said Bonnie Gostola, Vice-President of AUPE.

“First, the employer proposed rollbacks to the current collective agreement and then started cancelling meetings. They have no respect for their staff.”

Retirement Concepts is the private, for-profit owner operating Monterey Seniors Village. The company is based in B.C. and also owns Millrise Seniors Village, another worksite represented by AUPE. In April, staff at Millrise achieved their first collective agreement after years of bargaining.

“When Retirement Concepts finally signed a contract with Millrise Seniors Village, we were hopeful they would also seal a fair deal with our fellow nursing care and support workers at Monterey,” added Gostola. “We were wrong.”

Instead, Retirement Concepts continued to propose lower compensation for Monterey staff than Millrise staff and refused to discuss benefits, leaves of absence, vacation and other important working conditions.

The company believes Monterey staff, who work hard every day to support their residents and their own families, should take home less pay.

“Retirement Concepts clearly doesn’t understand that seniors have diverse needs. Every person who’s a part of their support system plays an intrinsic role in their collective wellbeing.”

“Private companies like Retirement Concepts want to pick and choose where they grant concessions to workers, so they can still save money and turn a profit. And in the end, it’s Alberta’s elders who pay the price, ” said Gostola.

AUPE represents over 93,000 workers province-wide. Over half work in health care, including seniors care.


For more information contact:
Celia Shea, Communications, 780-720-8122