EDMONTON – A rally in solidarity with locked out Cold Lake seniors care workers planned for today at 3pm at Points West Living’s Edmonton office (10309 107 Street) will go ahead despite the company’s apparent attempts to evade the workers and their union. The company moved from that location on Wednesday and is refusing to provide the address of their new location to AUPE.

Media are invited to attend.

“This juvenile and obstructive behaviour continues a pattern we saw in bargaining of a company that refuses to face their employees, listen to their concerns and respectfully negotiate a fair contract,” said AUPE vice-president Mike Dempsey. “It’s shameful for a company charged with the vital responsibility of caring for Alberta seniors to be behaving in this manner.”

Private, for-profit seniors care operators like Points West Living receive tax-payer funding to cover the wages of front-line health workers, but government regulations permit them to retain a portion of that public funding as profit or for other purposes and they are not required to disclose how public funds are used. Points West Living, is one of the most profitable and fastest growing for-profit seniors care providers in Alberta, and expects to grow to a value of $500 million over the next five years.

“This wealthy corporation is currently using tax dollars to pay for scab replacement workers and private security to patrol the picket line in a bid to drive down wages and working conditions for their staff, with no regard for the interests of the residents” said Dempsey. “We should all be asking our government representatives why they are allowing this seniors care rip off to continue.”

AUPE has created a website ( ) with more information and an online letter urging government and company representatives to put people before profits by negotiating a fair agreement with Points West Living employees.

For more information:
Mike Dempsey, AUPE vice-president: (780) 404-5678
Merryn Edwards, AUPE communications: (780) 952-1951